This page will serve as the list of playable Skylanders in Skylanders: Mutants.

Image Name Class Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3






Radiape Mutant Fission Fists Radiation Blast Ground Slam
Melonhead Ancient Head Throw Scary Face

Harvest Moon

Bushwhack Trap Master
Tuff Luck Trap Master
Grilla Drilla SWAP Force Punchy Monkey Planted Turret  Monkey Call
Stink Bomb SWAP Force Skunk-fu Stars Skunk Cloud One-inch Palm
Tree Rex Giant Shockwave Slam Sequoia Stampede Photosynthesis Blast
Chompy Playable Villain
Sheep Creep Playable Villain
Cuckoo Clocker Playable Villain
Chompy Mage Playable Villain
Broccoli Guy Playable Villain
Shield Shredder Playable Villain
Whisper Elf Mini
Barkley Mini
Series 3 Shroomboom Series 3
Series 2 

Zoo Lou

Series 2 Bird Call Wolf Call Piggyback Ride
Ultimate Series Stealth Elf Ultimate Series Arboreal Acrobatics
Elite Series Stump Smash Elite Series Thornbark When Acorns Attack Meganut


GraveLock Mutant Vicious Slash Primal Jaws Fire of the Grave
Krypt King Trap Master
Short Cut Trap Master
Night Shift SWAP Force
Rattle Shake SWAP Force
Eye-Brawl Giant
Wolfgang Trappable Villain
Hood Sickle Trappable Villain
Bone Chompy Trappable Villain
Masker Mind

Trappable Villain

Series 3  ??? Series 3
Series 2 Ghost Roaster Series 2
Ultimate Series Chop Chop Ultimate Series
Elite Series



Barricade Mutant Wall Hand Smashing Push Thunder Clapping
Jawbreaker Trap Master
Gearshift Trap Master
Magna Charge SWAP Force
Spy Rise SWAP Force
Bouncer Giant
Dr. Krankcase Trappable Villain
Bruiser Cruiser Trappable Villain
Brawlrus Trappable Villain
Shrednaught Trappable Villain
Mab Lobs Trappable Villain
Trolling Thunder Trappable Villain
Ultimate Series Trigger Happy Ultimate Series
Elite Series Drobot Elite Series




Trip Portal Master Staff Strike Cripple Spell Corruption Field
Kaos Trappable Villain

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