Skylanders: Mutants is a Skylanders fan game for the RiiVolution Ultima; it introduces the new classes of Mutant and Elite Series.

Main Story



Type Name Image Data
Mutant Born from a chemical spill that Kaos caused when he raided Skylands' most successful chemical plant, the Mutant Skylanders soon gave chase to the fleeing villain, meeting up with the others and becoming a new class of warrior. The Mutants have have access to the chemical-stained zones referred to as Spill Areas, as well as when standing in anything hazardous to other types of Skylanders, they heal themselves and get boosted stats.
Ancient The very first Skylanders (contrary to what the Giants tell you), the Ancients used powerful elemental energies to open ways to special shrines and boost their elemental power to outrageous levels when ambushed by foes.
Warlord TBA
Trap Master 290px-Krypt King Promo An advanced class, the Trap Masters use Traptanium weapons to weaken various villains and later capture them in crystal Traps, so they could be played as later.
SWAP Force Blast Buckler TBA
Sidekick Thumpling TBA
Giant Tree Rex TBA
Trappable Villains Sheep Creep TBA
Ultimate Series A group of 8 Skylanders that were with the team since Kaos' first conquest scheme, the Ultimate Series have ultra-strong stats, all their current Wow Pow abilities, and a metal-themed coloration to boot (usually either gold or silver).
Elite Series Denied a Series 3 figure but instead given enhanced stats, the Elite Series are often recognized by the silver-painted bases and their added-on armor.

New Skylanders:

For more info, see Skylanders: Mutants/Skylanders.


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