Silver Cruiser is the fourth episode of I'm Going To Hell For This. It was written by series creator Exotoro.

This episode follows Louie's purchase of a car and his proceeding wrecking of it.


The episode begins with Louie heading out of the apartment to head to a car dealership in hopes to buy a car so he doesn't have to take the subway. He finds that Sydney is keeping a bunch of pet snakes in a glass tank, which he only agrees to keep if it's kept out of sight. As he arrives to the car dealership, he meets a man who attempts to sell him a "silver cruiser". Although Louie doesn't necessarily like the car, he is convinced into buying it.

As he takes out it for a drive, he encounters a crazy drunk driver that makes him swerve into fire hydrant. As he pulls away to see the damage, he turns around back to the car dealership.

Surprised that he has already wrecked it, the car dealership man and Louie talk for a while before Louie begins to notice something in the man's teeth. As their conversation goes on for longer and longer, Louie begins to become upset and decides to yank out the thing in his teeth, which everyone interprets as him attacking the man.

The end of the episode sees him getting out of the police station, with a full moon in the distance. Louie shouts to the moon and heads down to the subway.

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