The pulse of relief gets thinner as time wears itself out.
by Truck
Current Age 21
Date of Birth April 15th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Naxaz
Align Always unknown
Current Status Alive
Height 6'04"
Weight 154 lbs
First Appearance Nature Warrior
Voice Actor(s)
Xander Mobius

Silver Heartgold is one of the various characters in the Zaxinian Lifts, being the defined "dark lord" of that universe.  He is often seen the younger brother of Valerie Heartgold, although in reality is a centuries old master of the Shadow Cage and had Mallory for a sister instead, sharing no blood with most Zaxinian.  Known by his friends to be an "edgelord", Silver often goes out in the world and seeks for the answer: what is my purpose?  He is the main character of The Life and Crimes of Silver Heartgold: Some Kind of Monster.

Silver is almost a polar opposite of his sister, being rude, rather unorganized, and a rather imperfect fellow. Most of him is kept under wraps by himself and Zodiez as well as Mallory. He chooses to shroud himself in shadow, so little people know of the world he has isolated himself in.

More infamously, Silver is known for being a dark sorcerer, and by the title of "Sorcerer of Death's Construction", although this is far from the truth, for while Silver's powers are dark and unexplained, he doesn't necessarily use his powers for evil - he just experiments with him given that he has nothing else to do with them.



The Life and Crimes of Silver Heartgold

Sweet Invader

Silver appears in Sweet Invader as a rather minor character.


Silver's weapon is the Mind Weaver, a long stick with a long slit halfway up that spews out waves of energy, usually in the form of an element or emotion that Silver sets his mind to. He can also use manipulation from this weapon to control groups of people. If the energy waves are not being used, the four sharp claws protruding from the top can be used to scratch others hard. This means that the Mind Weaver can be a physical weapon as well as a special one. Unlike most weapons, the Mind Weaver has Silver's insignia on the side.

Other than the Mind Weaver, Silver has extremely powerful attacks, and is so overwhelming in his strength that he might be the most powerful person in the Zaxinian Lifts barring the Acebreaker and Ginger.  Silver's psychic powers can bend someone to death, his dark powers as a sorcerer can instantly wound people, no matter how high their defenses...and things like that.  Physically, Silver is not actually strong, as his body shape is very fragile.

When Silver was a bit younger, he used to be only known as the Manipulator; he used to be quite evil back then and use his powers to overwhelm people's minds and control them for himself.  Unless someone had a strong mental mind, Silver was like to take over them and use them for whatever purpose he so desires, except for sexual purposes because he finds that dirty.

Like Valerie, Silver is a song artist, but is more on depression, conquering, and capivating music, almost all his songs also being warnings about his own power or how he can control them.  He goes by the name of the Silver Shadow, fitting for his personality and his overall behavior.

Silver can form a bunch of distorting from swinging one of his other weapons; the Mental Pendulum.


Silver's personality is full of depression and hardships, never being able to have a positive influence on himself, even when other people give him compliments. While he is usually full of negatives, he is aware if his opponent is better than him or not, and will taunt and attempt to outsmart them. This isn't really part of his personality, but he uses this to hide it, and prevent him from looking like a sore loser.

While he is not emotionally positive at all, he tries to make good impressions on people and tries to hang around them whenever he finds it possible.  If they do not like him, he disappears out of fright they might harm him.  He often plans on how he wants to greet people and not reveal his true emotions by accident, as he knows that people don't like depression or self pity.

Silver does have positive traits.  Silver has a lot of determination for who he is, and is always determined to do his goals, including trying to figure out who he is for real.  He never tries to go off his goals and become lazy, he will never sit until he's finished whatever goals he's set out to do for the day.  He's also incredibly reliable and never breaks promises to others, unless it's absolutely necessary.

Every day, Silver tries to seek out who he is, as he is at a loss for who he is overall.  He knows his name, his powers, and where he came from, but his real question is: What is his purpose?  He spends every day, every week thinking about that when he is not supposed to do anything at the moment, and often gets a little bit of information at a time.

Occasionally, Silver has moments of break down and depression, and he can definitely lay this out on other people - he can drag a person into his depression and wrap them in disaster and agony that's all just an illusion, releasing all his stress and anger gathered up at the moment.


Silver, like his "sister" Valerie, has a profession as a song artist, being the leader of the metal band "Eyes of Death". His band is known for their dark stance on political and serious matters, yet the band keeps lyrics subtle. They heavily specialize in thrash, alternative, and nu metal, but sometimes do rap metal and heavy metal as well. In teamwork with Valerie's band "Shooting Stars", the band sometimes handle hard, pop, and alternative rock, as well as soul.

Relationships with other characters


Silver and Valerie really do not get along well.  Valerie often teases Silver and drives him to the point of absolute agony, and always forces a bunch of her chores on him.  Silver wishes to seek some kind of revenge without hurting Valerie.  Even though Silver shows strong disdain for Valerie, he does not want to hurt her and scars the hell out of anyone who dares lay a finger on his "sister".  It doesn't change how Silver is annoyed by the activities Valerie handles.


Silver is not very aware of how Crymsia treats him, but he has shown several emotions towards her over the series' course, and does not wish to harm her. However, he tries to take her to steal her fortune for the sake of his partners; Nightshade and Univel, but he would more so want to become friends with her. Any negative feelings Silver shows towards Crymsia are false; they're just to hide his feelings for her in front of his partners. Crymsia is actually aware of his feelings, but keeps it a complete secret.


  • Silver was originally a character on the Zolaran Archives, and is the only one from the Zolaran Archives that is close to his roots in terms of personality and abilities.
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