Silly Showdown is an Umbrella 2D platform fighter developed by Unversed Entertainment for the Unversed Neon, being described as somewhat similar to the Super Smash Bros. series in gameplay, and similar to the Fighters of Lapis series in content. Reception for the game has been (TBA).


This is where I tell you about the game, you silly thing.

The main mode is Showdown, an epic clash. Players use various techniques to deplete the Swirlies above every character's little head. So cute! It's basically like Smash, but with more moves and Swirlies rather than percentages. As such, items can be used(or turned off if you're like super lame). Every character has a Silly Slam, basically a Final Smash, that can be attained by building up 4 Crosses, which can be attained by doing Critical Hits, well-timed hits done with prowess and skill. Up to 8 players can duke it out. Wacky! Players use light, medium, and heavy moves that vary between ground and aerial types, as well as three specials, and their Silly Slam.

There's also story mode, because why not. This mode goes by the name of Story: The Silly Alliance. It mainly features beat-em-up gameplay with various minigames.

But don't leave yet, there's more! Get ready to RAWWWWK with the Glitz Pit mode. Here you'll battle every character in-game, with a random twist added to each brawl. Fulfill the condition and win to go up a rank until you get to fight the bonus boss exclusive to this mode, Macho Grubba. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWK OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT!

Boss Rush allows you to brawl it out with all bosses in-game with a team of four. The bosses go in a linear order, featuring segway rooms with items until the final room, holding Bonetail.

The next mode is Sillyland, where players use a customizable character, build houses, meet friends, and unlock new fighters by using a team of choosable fighters i.e. Pokemon.

Dead Train is a mode where new content can be unlocked, but it's not easy. Players begin at the Caboose of the train, and must open up more rooms of the always expanding train. The Train is randomly generated, and even after all characters are found, rare items can still be acquired with new challenges.

Lastly, The Vault is where extra content is found and settings are managed. Boring.



The game features a number of small 3D cinematic features aired on gaming channels and the internet. All of these were included within the full game.

Reveal Trailer: The Showdown

The trailer begins with the Silly Showdown logo forming from the series logo. Just as, a figure is seen infinite jumping before hitting his head on the logo, falling onto a stage. The lights soon focus on him as cheers radiate across the stadium. The light reveals Knuckles Boom, as he learns that he will be brawling an up and comer. Overconfident, he doubts anyone can beat his ridiculous strength, when a paper airplane flys in, revealing his challenger to be Paper Mario. They duke it out, with Mario utilizing his partners and paper abilities to near defeat Knuckles Boom. However, both are given a wake up call as the champ is truly revealed, Rawk Hawk. The ultimate threeway battle begins.

Meanwhile, in New Hyrule, Toon Zelda is overviewing the knight's training. Soon, she hears of danger, as a gigantic shiny gem has appeared in Hyrule Field. She takes off, and finds the gem. It captures her eye, and she begins to take it when a pull steals it away from her. The thief Sora seems to also be interested in it, and their rapier and keyblade clash.

Back in the Glitz Pit, the three each show off their Silly Slams, with Paper Mario using Art Attack to do heavy damage to his foes. However, Knuckles Boom employs Sequence Break, teleporting across the room doing heavy damage. Rawk Hawk finishes the two off with Prop Drop, raining hazards onto the foes and healing himself. Rawk Hawk claims the belt, and embezzled on it is a gem mysteriously similar to the other. Back at Hyrule Field, Sora and Toon Zelda continue to brawl, with a mysterious onlooker plotting to take the gem for himself.

The Bear and Bird

Continuing from the last trailer, Rawk Hawk gloats, claiming to be the best. A familiar voice taunts Rawk Hawk, calling him Bird Brain. Rawk Hawk is enraged and demands that they show themselves, however, he is floored when they do with a Beak Bomb. The bird laughs, and the spotlight shines down on Banjo & Kazooie. Rawk Hawk dusts himself off and gets up, ready to do battle.

Banjo swings his backpack at Rawk Hawk, knocking him into the stage light. As it begins to fall, Kazooie shields the duo using Wonderwing and jumps away. Rawk Hawk prepares to use Superman Slam, but Kazooie uses Rat-A-Tat Tap on Rawk Hawk in midair, knocking him into the floor. She then blasts an egg at him, which he dodges. She shoots out a Lava Egg, setting his feathers on fire as he runs around. Ready to win, she blasts a Bomb Egg at him, knocking him into the air. However, he is now preparing to use Prop Drop. As a last resort, they take flight and Beak Bomb Rawk Hawk away, taking the belt for themselves.


A thousand purple shards fall onto the ground, as cries of agony rings out around an arena. From the shards, a Silly Gem shines, but disappears soon after, when a shadow swoops down and steals it. Kratos believes it to be key to his quest, and Sackboy is always up for an adventure. However, Cole finds himself conflicted. The gem had beauty, but he knows that it could bring out the evil side in him. He decides to go with them and try to manage his problems.

A blue wall collapses as the three dash forward into an open field. Kratos uses Olympic Ascension to boost Sackboy up. Sackboy tries to stick the foes down, but misses and falls. Cole shoots a single bolt that nearly defeats the foes, and makes them drop the Silly Gem. The foes come back around, and Banjo & Kazooie begin to brawl with the trio. Kratos uses Quick Time Events to defeat Kazooie, but they are all blinded by Bomb Eggs. Sackboy then brings upward a world of creativity, absorbing their attacks. Cornered, Banjo and his bird fly upward. Knowing that he has to help his friends, he focuses his energy. One eye turns Blue, and one eye turns Red, as the screen cuts to black.

A Smashing Good Time

Paper Mario, Rawk Hawk, and Toon Zelda all meet up at a large stadium, planning to train for a big bout to decide the fate of a Silly Gem. A mysterious cloaked man gives them the keys and they enter. They all spot a large bag full of sand. Rawk Hawk laughs at the single training device and uses Superman Slam on it, planning to break it open. Instead, cute small eyes open on the bag as it gets up. Paper Mario falls flat, with Rawk Hawk fleeing in terror. Toon Zelda asks who the object is. He responds, with a grim tone, Sandbag.

He wishes to be more than an item, asking to compete in the bout. Rawk Hawk laughs at him and slaps Sandbag. The cute creature's eyes become sharp and angry, and he summons Bowser who punches Sandbag into the air, and then body slams Rawk. Paper Mario tosses a hammer at the eager foe, knocking him onto his backside as Toon Zelda attempts to grab him. He suddenly turns into an item and then frees himself, winding a Home Run Bat that sends Paper Mario flying. He then immobilizes Toon Zelda, as Rawk Hawk gets up. Sandbag glows blue, and Final Smash begins, with a Smash Ball sending Rawk flying. Sandbag then claims the Silly Gem for himself...

Animated Anarchy


Super Powered Showdown




Story Mode: The Silly Alliance

Across the Ultraverse(a collection of all the Multiverses), each world's soul and very essence is known as a Silly Gem. These gems are all powerful, and if attained, would give the user unimaginable power. Upon learning about these, Dimentio takes the Underwhere's Silly Gem and begins a quest to attain them all, teaming up with other evils, leaving heroes to team up to stop them.



There are 20 starter characters and 20 unlockable characters. In depth info on the roster can be found here.


  1. Paper Mario
  2. Rawk Hawk
  3. Knuckles Boom
  4. Toon Zelda
  5. Sora
  6. Banjo and Kazooie
  7. Cole
  8. Kratos
  9. Sackboy
  10. Sandbag
  11. Marvin the Martian
  12. Julius
  13. Jasmine
  14. Scarecrow
  15. Squirell Girl
  16. Hellboy
  17. Shigeru Miyamoto









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