Shroud Control is a role-playing game co-developed by Lapis Wiki's Hanabi Games and Fantendo Wiki's GD Gaming Studios. Shroud Control is being developed into two versions: Hanabi Game's version of Shroud Control is Shroud Control Lapis, whereas GD Gaming Studios is working on Shroud Control Garnet. The two games are mostly the same, featuring villains from multiple series joining together for a common cause, but the two do have some exclusive content and differences. The game was original revealed during Lapis Wiki's A3, and confirmation of 2 versions was during Fantendo's FSC '15. 

NOTICE: Considering that this is a game based entirely around villians, there are bound to be some spoilers for games included, especially more recent ones. Be cautious as you navigate the page, please!


The game begins in a secluded forest, home to a small building known as the Vill-Inn. The Vill-Inn is a small restaurant and bar that acts as the gathering place for bad guys on their free time. This building catches the attention of Raven, a mysterious bad guy who has a Gift for transforming into a raven. Raven wants to help villains across the universe regain their reputations following a series of lackluster plans and embarrasing failures, giving them the dangerous charm they once had. After a short speech, Raven convinces the characters at the Vill-Inn to form a collective group that aims to unite evil across the universes.


The gameplay is seperated into two portions: platforming and battle.


When not in battle, Raven and his fellow teammates will traverse a 3-dimensional world akin to Super Mario RPG's overworld. The main hub is the Vill-Inn, a tiny restaurant that acts as a gathering place for villains. It is here where the player can rest up, purchase items, and recruit new villains. By targeting certain universes across video game culture, the player is able to travel around with up to 3 seperate partners at a time. Each partner also has their own Gift that can be used in the overworld, which is used for puzzle solving in order to advance.


Battles take place on a gridded plane, that varies in features depending on the location. Each character can choose to attack with a weapon, utilize a certain Skill, or use an item. Basic attacks are decided based on the weapon that the character is equipped with, having different effects for each manuever. Every character also has a special set of Skills unique to them: Offense, Defense, Support, and Disrupt. 

When using basic attacks, a player's element has an effect on how much damage is inflicted. Fire is effective against Water, Water is effective against Earth, and Earth is effective against Fire. Lightning and Darkness are effective on each other. Elements are not counted for skills, as they are used through a seperate meter divided into 3 sections at first. By performing well in battle, this meter fills up, and in order to use a Skill, a certain amount of sections must be drained of energy. The number of sections or effectiveness of the Skills can be upgraded at the Vill-Inn. 


There are a total of 20 villains within Shroud Control Lapis naturally; 4 of each element. By connecting with Shroud Control Garnet, 5 more exclusive villains can be obtained as well. With some exceptions, most villains are found within respective universes, waiting to be recruited. Each character has their own unique stats and a set of 4 skills, which include Offense, Defense, Support, and Disrupt.

Normally Obtainable

Name Information Skills
P&DSMBE OrbPurpleRavenP&DSMBE OrbPurple

Raven is the name given to a mysterious individual who has the Gift of transforming into a bird. He convinces the members of the Vill-Inn to join him in order to reclaim the former glory of villains.

His Gift is Raven's Flight, which lets him transform into a raven and look at the map from above. In battle, he is an all-around fighter using sharpened feathers and a wing blade.

Feather Storm
Unleash a rain of sharp feathers across the entire field.
Create a roost spot that heals half of your HP.
Current Call
Form a gale that increases the range of your partner's movements.
Winged Defender
Prevent your foes from attacking next turn by dropping their defense.
478px-Nsmb2 bowser
P&DSMBE OrbRedBowserP&DSMBE OrbRed

Bowser is the king of the Koopas, and a fearsome foe of the Mushroom Kingdom. A world-famous villain and the classic princess kidnapper, he has had a major impact on the code of villainry.  Even though he is rarely successful, his determination and will is second to none.

His Gift is Koopa's Flame, which lets him breath a powerful stream of fire. This can burn objects made of wood, or melt icy objects. In battle, he uses powerful attacks up close on opponents.

Clown Car
Slam down in the Koopa Clown Car to cause a large shockwave.
Spiked Shell
Cover yourself in a spiky shell that lets you counterattack.
Airship Armada
Summon a wave of airships that target a foe every turn.
Block Magic
Turn some foes into blocks, preventing them from moving.
185px-Black 2 White 2 Ghetsis
P&DSMBE OrbBlueGhetsisP&DSMBE OrbBlue

Ghetsis is the main leader of Team Plasma, a nefarious group once situated in Unova. Ghetsis is a cunning individual that has a unique talent for words, and uses speeches to manipulate the region into releasing Pokémon and making it easier for him to conquer the lands.

His Gift is Kyurems's Blizzard, which lets him unleash the power of the cold dragon Kyurem. The icy winds can freeze pools and falls of water to cross. In battle, Ghetsis is individually weak but relies on the power of Pokémon to battle for him.

Draco Meteor
Unleash Hydreigon to create a deadly rain striking across the stage.
Call for Kyurem to create and icy shield that reflects projectiles.
DNA Splicers
Splice your partner's DNA to share powerful stats with the team.
Plasma Frigate
Fire pillars of ice from the Plasma Frigate, freezing opponents.
P&DSMBE OrbGreenDrawciaP&DSMBE OrbGreen

Drawcia is a twin sorceress born from a mysterious paintbrush. Although her plan to transform the world of Dream Land has since failed, her painting has been relocated in the back of the Vill-Inn. Her vitality is directly connected to the painting, forcing her to join sides with Raven.

Her Gift is Artist's Path, which lets her draw a bridge using the Power Paintbrush. This allows the group to cross short gaps that would otherwise be uncrossable. In battle, she manipulates foes through trickery before attacking rapidly.

Soul Vortex
Surround nearby foes and follow up with a Soul blast.
Para Sorceress
Absorb the power of Para Sorceresses to boost attack.
Copy Brush
Make a copy of partners that let them move twice.
Rainbow Guidance
Draw a line to direct the path that opponents take.
Sonic Boom Eggman
P&DSMBE OrbYellowDr. EggmanP&DSMBE OrbYellow

Doctor Ivo Robotnik is a genius scientist, with a master plan to harness the 7 Chaos Emeralds. He aims to create a world named for himself, using animal-powered robots as henchmen. Although many mock him, giving him the nickname "Eggman", he seems unfazed by the attitude and continues to work hard on world domination.

His Gift is Energy's Mechanism, which lets him use a mechanical object known as an Enerbeam to grab onto rails or enemies. In battle, he uses his creations to pummel foes without the need to approach up close.

Laser Blazer
Fire a gargantuan laser that obliterates everything in sight.
Force Field
Form a force field base that reduces damage.
Mechanical Marvel
Boosts a random stat of your partners greatly.
Egg Mobile
Limit the movement range of your opponents.
P&DSMBE OrbPurpleSpecter KnightP&DSMBE OrbPurple

Specter Knight's past is shrouded in mystery: all that is known is that he was brought back to life by the Enchantress to defeat Shovel Knight. He seems to have a troubled history, begrudgingly following the Enchantress's orders just to keep his vitality.

His Gift is Apparation's Grief, which lets him use his giant scythe in the overworld to cut down flimsy objects. In battle, Scepter Knight focuses on quick movement and wide-reaching attacks.

Soul Drain
Surround nearby enemies in darkness before striking a fatal blow.
Phase Locket
Negate the effects of one attack with a locket.
Shadow Knight
Craft a shadowy Specter Knight to fight alone.
Swirling Scythe
Set your scythe as a spinning hazard on field.
Forsburn potrait
P&DSMBE OrbRedForsburnP&DSMBE OrbRed

Forsburn is the oldest son of the Firelands' kingdom, exiled after the misconception that he killed his own father. Now a shadow of who he formerly was, Forsburn has mastered the art of smoke and aims to take back the Fire Capitol from his now ruling brother.

His Gift is Shadow's Blanket, which lets him create a cloud of smoke to hide from obstacles. In battle, Forsburn is deceptive and attacks from behind to confuse opponents.

Explode in a fiery manner to knock back opponents.
Faux Forsburn
Make a smoke copy to protect you and fight alongside you.
Smoke Cover
Blanket the field to help your allies dodge better.
Copy Wall
Create smoke copies that deal damage to foes.
P&DSMBE OrbBlueDJ Octavio P&DSMBE OrbBlue

DJ Octavio is the head of the Octarian Army, a race of octopi creatures that aim to take over the bustling city of Inkopolis. Octavio's rivalry with the squid-like race that inhabits Inkopolis dates back to hundreds of years ago.

His Gift is Mariner's Disguise, which lets him turn into a smaller octopus form and hide in an ink puddle. This ink puddle can pass through grates or put out fire. In battle, his Octobot King can hit from afar to create ink puddles.

Octo Drop
Launch a large bomb with an inked radius.
Neo Bubbler
Absorb attacks before popping the shield to deal damage.
Ink Rain
Turn some of your partners invisible from enemies.
Launch Octorpedoes to scatter range-reducing ink.
Heihachi Mishima TTT2 CG
P&DSMBE OrbGreenHeihachiP&DSMBE OrbGreen

Heihachi is the host of the King of Iron Fist tournaments, and the ruler of the Mishima Financial Empire. He seeks the power of a Devil Gene in order to make him immortal, but this plan continues to fail as his own son, tossed into a river at a young age, rises back up to defeat his dad.

His Gift is Thunder's Charge, which lets him use the Electric Wind Godfist to stick on walls with static or charge wires. In battle, he fights with true Mishima style karate.

Dragon Uppercut
Uppercut a foe in front of you with amazing power.
Increase your dodging ability with a sidestep.
Tag Team
Team up partners to combine their stats.
Bury nearby foes into the ground to limit their movement.
P&DSMBE OrbYellowCrowP&DSMBE OrbYellow

Crow is a tried and true princess kidnapper across the lands. His penchant for explosions and genius in construction powerful mechanisms work together and allow him to take on multiple forces.

His Gift is Power's Wrath, which lets him unleash a Sticky Bomb from his Power Glove. It sticks to a surface before blowing up. In battle, he wields a variety of different bombs to battle with.

Bomb Advance
Advance forward as you launch a series of bombs.
Bouncy Explosion
Avoid enemy attacks by bouncing forward.
Supercharge your allies to briefly increase their stats.
Gooey Grenade
Stick land mines onto the field against unsuspecting foes.
P&DSMBE OrbPurpleGanondorfP&DSMBE OrbPurple

Ganondorf is one third of the Triforce, representing power. Destined to consistently reincarnate in order to defeat those with the Triforce of Courage, Ganondorf has a large history of causing chaos within Hyrule, making him a formidable foe.

His Gift is Gerudo's Strength, which lets him jab forward with a mighty trident to puncture objects. In battle, Ganondorf is slow but has exceedingly powerful moves.

Beast Ganon
Transform into a powerful beast and attack the nearest enemy.
Warlock Blade
Counter enemy attacks with twin swords.
Triforce of Power
Boost the attack stat of nearby allies.
Dark Portal
Move a dark field every turn to deal slight damage.
P&DSMBE OrbRedRidleyP&DSMBE OrbRed

Ridley is a massive, intelligent, and ferocious member of the Space Pirates. His ranking is well earned, owning the nickname of "Cunning God of Death" for his durability and persistence in fighting against longtime archnemesis Samus Aran.

His Gift is Dragon's Ascent, which lets him carry his allies upwards to higher levels by carrying them on his back. In battle, Ridley acts as a tank that can take lots of damage before attacking multiple foes at once.

Vicious Talons
Fly up before charging forward and attacking everybody in sight.
Meta Ridley
Greatly increase defense for a few turns.
Great Flight
Carry some allies into the air before attacking from above.
Flare Stream
Launch a stream of fire to lower the attack of foes.
P&DSMBE OrbBlueChaosP&DSMBE OrbBlue

Chaos, formally known as Chaos 0, is a godly creature that has absorbed the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds. Although formerly a guardian of the Master Emerald, he has since been released and enraged by Dr. Eggman as part of one of his many schemes.

His Gift is Master's Torrent, which lets him obtain a puddle form to dive and explore under the water. In battle, Chaos can absorb multiple hits while retaliating with multiple weaker blows.

Perfect Chaos
Draw in enemies to trap them in a raging whirlpool.
Water Shield
Absorb an attack and use it to heal instead.
Aqua Touch
Extend the reach of your partners's attacks.
Current Control
Prevent enemies from firing any projectiles.
Tiki Tong
P&DSMBE OrbGreenTiki TongP&DSMBE OrbGreen

Tiki Tong is the resurrected leader of a group of tiki-like enemies, made from the juice of bananas. He is the secret leader behind the hypnotizing of the residents of DK Island, using their bananas to clone an entire army.

His Gift is Ancient's Smash, which lets him use his giant hands to smash heavy breakable objects. In battle, Tiki Tong is a fighter who can divide and conquer on the field with his two hands.

Volcanic Eruption
Attack every enemy with volcanic meteors.
Banana Juice
Slowly heal an eighth of your health every turn.
Tiki Tribe
Seperate into 3 parts; the head and 2 hands, which attack seperately.
Wood Grip
Sacrifice power to send a hand that holds an enemy hostage.
P&DSMBE OrbYellowTrojan HorseP&DSMBE OrbYellow

A mysterious being with little to no signs of life. Randomly appearing after a blackout at the Vill-Inn, the Trojan Horse seems to be made more of "coding" than flesh. It's true intentions are unknown, but the Trojan Horse appears to be completely loyal to Raven.

His Gift is Deciever's Present, which lets him enter into electronic machines and override their present functions. In battle, Trojan Horse is a sporadic fighter with great movement options.

Voltage Overload
Align foes in an L shape before zipping through them.
Return to safe ground following an attack.
Surprise Drop
Boost a random stat for every ally.
Data Driven
Paralyze opponents who approach Trojan Horse.
P&DSMBE OrbPurpleDoc ChapmanP&DSMBE OrbPurple

Doc Chapman is a mysterious scientist with a grueling history of dealing with war. He fiddles with the essence of time in hopes of travelling back to save his parents. However, his actions end up spreading timelessness across the universe, requiring Raven's assistance.

His Gift is World's Judgement, which lets him walk through timelessness by jabbing his blade Arthelia into the ground. In battle, Arthelia gives Doc Chapman a large melee range, as well as the ability to freeze opponents. 

Fatal Arthelia
Swing a series of killing blows around the user.
Warp Travel
Delay an enemy's attack by two turns to block their hit.
Healing Field
Create a safe spot that heals allies in it every turn.
Time's Up
Freeze every one of your opponents for a turn.
P&DSMBE OrbRedColonel SandersP&DSMBE OrbRed

Colonel Sanders is not a villain in any sense of the world;  in reality, he is simply the meal host of the Vill-Inn and frequently sends delivery to the building. Raven mistakes Sanders for a bad guy due to his specialty in frying chicken, and decides to join the team in hopes of selling his recipes to villains everywhere.

His Gift is Chef's Gourmet, which lets him throw food to distract the attention of enemies. In battle, Colonel Sanders uses food to his advantage as a decent fighter and supporting cleric.

Ultimate Meal
Cook up enemies and release healing food in the process.
Spicy Chicken
Increase attack and heal with flaming wings.
Commercial Kitchen
Pass on any positive stats to other members of the team.
Food Frenzy
Distract enemies in battle for a while with hot food.
P&DSMBE OrbBlueCyrusP&DSMBE OrbBlue

Cyrus is the main leader of Team Galactic, a nefarious group once situated in Sinnoh. Uncontent with the current state of the world, Cyrus planned to create a new world in place of the new one where strife would no longer exist - this eventually evolved into a world where Cyrus would rule, getting rid of emotions and willpower in the process;

His Gift is Weavile's Mark, which lets him use Weavile to climb up dirt and ice walls with ease. In battle, Cyrus uses legendary items to boost his power.

Red Chain
Disappear for a turn before using Giratina to strike.
Roar of Time
Defy time to move twice in one turn.
Spacial Rand
Drain the power of enemies to boost team stats.
Galactic Bomb
Set up a time bomb that explodes over a set radius.
P&DSMBE OrbGreenNapoleonP&DSMBE OrbGreen

Napoleon, also known by his true name of Leonard Bonar, works with the Chevaliers Diabolique to seek the Dragon Crown. Despite acting as a natural leader for the Chevaliers, he considers himself as nothing but a tool to revive Napoleon Bonaparte.

His Gift is Honor's Strike, which lets him jab his fencing lance upwards to strike at objects above him. In battle, he attacks multiple times and pierces through any sort of defense.

Showdown Fence
Focus a barrage of swings on one enemy.
When Swords Meet
Deliver a counterblow for every attack taken.
Disguise Boost
Disguise allies and fool enemies into fighting their own side.
Renewal Cast
Disrupt the effects of any opponent buffs.
200px-Dr. Wily
P&DSMBE OrbYellowDr. WilyP&DSMBE OrbYellow

A mad scientist who seems to compete with former colleague Dr. Light over who can build the better robot. His main goal is to rule the world with a robotic army, but his creations are always stopped by Mega Man. In recent years, he has lessened his efforts after the declining success of villains.

His Gift is Robot's Call, which lets him use a special whistle to activate sound switches or set a progress point. In battle, Wily calls on various machines to do his dirty work for him.

Wily Capsule
Fire a spreadshot with the infamous Wily Capsule.
Proto Shield
Block a certain amount of damage until the shield breaks.
Upgrade Attack
Increase the chance of critical hits on foes.
Wily Machine
Build the Wily Machine to fire at enemies every turn.

Exclusive to Shroud Control Garnet

Name Information Skills
King Boo MMWii
P&DSMBE OrbPurpleKing BooP&DSMBE OrbPurple

King Boo is the monarch that rules over a majority of the spectral species in the Mushroom Kingdom. Time and time again, he has attempted to use his minions to wreak havoc, but is constantly defeated by a cowardly hero.

His Gift is Spirit's Travel, which lets him drag his parties into the shadows, reappearing slightly ahead. This lets him avoid enemies and slip through walls. In battle, King Boo swarms foes and inflicts status.

Paranormal Powers
Transform the entire field to drain health from foes.
Boo Buddies
Summon Boos to help you disappear from foes.
Ghost Trick
Heal allies and cure them of negative statuses.
Throw fiery spirits that burn opponents.
P&DSMBE OrbRedTri Force ShadowsP&DSMBE OrbRed

A group of 3 Links modeled after the hero of Hyrule, imprisoned within the Baneful Zone for their troubling deeds. They seem to be more mischievous than pure evil, but side with Raven regardless. Despite their constant bickering, they prove to be very powerful when merged as a team.

Their Gift is Shade's Magic, which lets them use a Gripshot to grab onto places with latches or steal items. In battle, they are divided into 3 units that are weak individually, but can perform powerful attacks as a team.

Tri Force Slash
Each Link draws in nearby foes and unite for a powerful series attack.
Water Rod
Walk on water to avoid enemy attacks and traps.
Costume Dress
Boost the strength of a particular Link's attacks.
Magic Hammer
Stun and damage enemies within the hammer's radius.
P&DSMBE OrbBluePolar KnightP&DSMBE OrbBlue

Polar Knight is an honorable hero who has, for unknown reasons, since ditched the life of purity in favor of a more nefarious lifestyle. He very rarely speaks, instead relying on powerful actions to get his message across.

His Gift is Stalwart's Tunnel, which lets him dig underground to discover items and tunnel through dirt paths. In battle, his moves are slow but powerful and reach far.

War Horn
Charge up before devastating a large area around you.
Snow Pile
Pile yourself to greatly increase defense.
Icicle Terrain
Chill the terrain to increase the range of attacks.
Spike Storm
Start a snowstorm to drop harmful spikes on the field.
P&DSMBE OrbGreenQueen SectoniaP&DSMBE OrbGreen

Formerly a generous ruler, Queen Sectonia was corrupted by the darkness lurking within the Dimension Mirror. What was once a tribute caused Sectonia to obsess over vanity and power, forgetting her friends and using them only as tools to conquer Pop Star.

Her Gift is Vanity's Glare, which lets her use the Dimension Mirror to reflect projectiles headed towards her. In battle, she uses elegant attacks that inflict side-effects.

Perform a blossoming attack that traps foes in place.
Thorn Flora
Grow prickly flowers that poke at foes on the ground.
Miracle Imbue
Revive a fallen ally with only 1 HP.
Ability Cancel
Inflict a random status on every enemy in battle.
King K. Rool
P&DSMBE OrbYellowKing K. RoolP&DSMBE OrbYellow

King K. Rool is a ruthless royal that has total control over the Kremling race. Over many years of being defeated by Donkey Kong, he has slowly been driven insane to the point where he will do anything for revenge. Despite this, he has mysteriously disappeared for many years.

His Gift is Reptilian's Adaptability, which lets him pull out his Blunderbuss to attract objects and activate wind-based devices. In battle, he wields a diverse set of weapons to fight from afar.

Cannonball Rain
Summon a rain of cannonballs that bury opponents when hit.
Cloudy Smoke
Boost a stat greatly based on the situation.
Rocket Propulsion
Allow allies to attack twice in a row.
Blunderbuss Gust
Slow down opponents approaching K. Rool.


There are a total of around 25 universes found naturally within Shroud Control Lapis, with 5 being exclusive to the Lapis version, as well as an extra 5 only found in Shroud Control Garnet. Every universe can be accessed through the Vill-Inn, and these universes provide the bulk of the gameplay. The goal within each universe varies, but generally it involves either recruiting a villain, taking down a hero, or both. While some universes are required to be traveled through at certain points for story purposes, usually the player can select at free will from a pool of universes until it is complete, at which point the next story-centric universe appears.





  • Shroud Control is based on a former idea for the third Lapis Weekly Challenge, known as Injustice. Although the concept for both games remain the same, Injustice had a smaller scale with no original characters or Garnet version.
  • The main original character, Raven, notably has many elements to his design (such as large coat tails) that were inspired by real life ravens.
    • Furthermore, some parts of his jacket design were inspired by famous poet Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is well known for his mystery writings, with one of his most famous being fittingly titled as "The Raven".

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