Shield of Svonne: Born to Die (also known as Shield of Svonne 7) is the “seventh game” in the Shield of Svonne series, although it was created and developed first. Chronologically it follows after the last six games, which don’t exist but references are still made to them somehow.

This game supposedly adds a marriage system, a “new feature” to the series. It also adds a reincarnation system, which plays a major role in the story. Features from the “previous game” include customization of units, which has been expanded upon greatly in this “installment, and the pirate class.


Shield of Svonne: Born to Die is a strategy game with life sim elements. In battle, units are moved on a battleground, being able to attack units either up close or within close vicinity depending on the class the unit is.

The game allows the player to create a player avatar that they decide everything for, including race, gender, and sexuality. During battles, the player can combine two units together, with various bonuses if the two work well as a team. This is key to the marriage system.


A mysterious comet is coming close to the Earth. As the two kingdoms (called Fyarh and Xerro) of N’ii attempt to work out a solution, a mysterious personage (the player avatar) appears from a giant egg in the boundaries of the Fyarh kingdom. Unsure what they were doing in the egg, the Fyarh Kingdom, the personage is sent to be executed.

While in the execution chamber, the personage is rescued by some of the members of the “Shield of Svonne”, a group from the Xerro kingdom.

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