SEXES - Sherei-Kan
original character

The Sherei-Kan are an extraterrestrial species and the main antagonists of SEXES. The Sherei-Kan are highly advanced creatures who no longer use physical forms, and instead infect hosts to use as bodies. When out of a body, they appear as a ball of light with a blueish eye and become spectral, with them allowing to become intangible and travel through solid matter. Because of this, they are unable to pick up or interact with anything unless it is a sapient life form. The Sherei-Kan are the only original characters to appear in SEXES, though the bodies they possess do originate from other series.


Little is known about the Sherei-Kan prior to their attempt at conquering of the Seikinseki Galaxy, in which Bunkatsu, and multiple other planets, once were a part of. The Sherei-Kan studied humans for millions of years, and were able to kidnap some of them to do closer studies, and learned of the many chemicals that the human brain is able to create. Using their intelligence, they were able to backwards-engineer a bomb that would alter the brainwaves of humans and all species with similar mental properties, transforming them, while in the presence of members of the opposite sex, into primal creatures.


Without a physical body to use as a host, the Sherei-Kan appear as small, grey, spider-like creatures with retractable legs. They sport a single eye in the middle of the collected energy, which is blueish-green with a large, pure black pupil. The energy emitted from them varies in colour, though the most common seems to be yellow.

When inhabiting a host, their eyes become the same blueish-green as the Sherei-Kan that possess them, though their black pupil now resembles a human one, with it's gaining an iris that matches the colour that their energy form emitted. Other than the eyes, there is no way to tell is one has been infected by a Sherei-Kan.

Notable Members

The following characters had, at one point, been possessed by a Sherei-Kan during the events of SEXES.


  • The pronunciation of the species' name resembles the name of the, as known in western countries, ninja stars: shuriken.

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