SheddaneExo Red
Current Age 41
Gender Female
Species Demon
Align Neutral
Current Status Almost Dead
Main Weapon(s) Back Saws
Occupation(s) Skilled fighter
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance Horizon Zero
 Sheddane is a multi talented being who emerged from the Horizon Zero dimension to challenge the inhabitants of the Zaxinian Lifts during its second phase, putting a stand against both the people and the Mallorian Monarch. A fierce fighter, she came to the Lifts out of boredom following the fact that she had successfully beaten everyone in her home dimension to try and take down the leader and anyone who stands in her way. Sheddane is extremely talented with both melee and hand-to-hand combat, loving to be on the offensive and going full-out aggressive on anybody and everybody. She currently has a crush on Black Eyes, much to his annoyance.


Horizon Zero

Sheddane's first appearance was in Horizon Zero, where she played the role of heroine. Her task was to shut down the plans of Black Doom, who invaded Horizon Zero and brought a lot of uninvited guests to her dimension, whom she must either recruit to defeat the being or kill off to make more room for her team.

Sheddane's moveset is (TBA).


Sheddane is a red demon with empty eye sockets that bleed black blood and sharp teeth that protrude from her mouth much like a viperfish's. She has long, pointed fingernails and toenails that extend out great distances like claws and a snake-like snout. Her upper arms and upper legs are merely blood and bone, and her entire body seems to be bleeding black blood that she regenerates with every battle she wins. Her body is super scarred up from all the combat she's had with her enemies. She wears a skimpy black bikini. Protruding from her back, elbows and knees are extremely sharp saws that have rusted with time.


Sheddane is very open with herself and hides nothing from anybody, making every element of herself extremely obvious from the get-go: she's very malevolent, rarely uses logic, and slashes people on sight. She is referred to as a weapon of mass destruction for the high death tolls she caused in the Horizon Zero dimension, which are often reported to be done without any sort of remorse. However, she's not always aggressive -- whenever she's tired, she can be laid back and snarky and is usually filled up with witty sarcasm, which contradicts her extremely brawny personality when in battle. She tries to hit it off with the boys, but nobody's interested in her.


Sheddane is extremely fast and attacks without any sort of remorse, going full out brawn without putting any strategy into what she does. Her raw power keeps her from taking too much damage as she often defeats the enemy before they can even strike her. Sheddane can breathe out extremely intense flames from her mouth and poison people she slices with her unusually long fingernail claws, which are impossible to break. She is very skilled with using weapons, especially the saws she can jab into her opponents' heads or crotches, and can use several guns at once while running.



  • Sheddane initially was created with elements of "edge" in mind, and now represents that sort of time period that the creator faced.
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