Current Age 20
Gender Female
Species Demon
Current Status Almost Dead
Main Weapon(s) Back Saws
First Appearance Horizon Zero

Sheddane is a female demon living within the Horizon Zero dimension, being one of its few inhabitants. She is often regarded to as "The Weapon of Mass Destruction", thanks to the several weapons she has on her body and the fact that she is extremely malevolent and relentless with her killing.


Horizon Zero

Sheddane's so far only appearance was in Horizon Zero, where she played as the role of heroine. Her task was to shut down the plans of Black Doom, who invaded Horizon Zero and brought a lot of uninvited guests to her dimension, whom she must either recruit to defeat the being or kill off to make more room for her team.

Sheddane's moveset is (TBA).


Sheddane is a red colored demon with bloody black eyes and sharp teeth, and short hair flowing down to her neck. She wears a somewhat skimpy black bikini and has size E breasts. Protruding from her back, her elbows and her knees are very sharp saws, rusted and coated in dry red blood. Attached to her feet are roller blades, which she uses to get around at high speeds, and her hands have very sharp nails.


Sheddane is incredibly quick and nimble, and has impressive jumping skills, able to get around faster than most people or even demons. The various weapons she has equipped deal a lot of damage and can poison those who aren't immune to it, and she can breathe flames from her mouth to burn people. While her weakness lies in her rather frail defense, her aerial combat and her combo potential, alongside all her other listed strengths, more than make up for it.


Sheddane is very malevolent and never uses talk over brawn, always attacking people on sight. The best way to describe her is "an unstoppable beauty of relentless death". The only time where she doesn't seem to be malevolent is when she's talking to herself, which is somewhat difficult to do because the nice person lying inside her is too embedded in her malevolence to be able to speak back.

Relationships with Other Characters



  • Sheddane was actually created to be "edgy". Yeah. Call me out. I guess.
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