Current Age 24
Gender Female
Species Cyborg
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Soda Blasters
First Appearance  ???

Shakerine is the mascot of the Zaxinian Burger Joint, and is one of the minor characters of the Zaxinian Lifts. A lot of her is unknown thanks to her mysterious nature and the fact that she only seems to speak on television when the burger joint is being advertised.


Chain Riot!

Chain Riot! is Shakerina's debut game and her main starring role.


Shakerina is a tall cyborg with a normal human body, robotic arms made out of Kentucky Fried Chicken cups and items, and robotic legs made of milkshakes and wrappers from McDonalds and Burger King, her feet being made out of kitchen sponges. Her arms have a straw in the center of each palm. Her face is human like her body, and sports purple hair tied up into pigtails, and has a glum face. Within her arms and legs are a series of green and purple wires. Around her waist is a belt that holds milkshakes.


Shakerina has never really shown much of her abilities, but despite her odd body she can move pretty fast and always seems to show up to places on time. Her palms' straws can fire soda to drench others, although their main purpose is to give her something to drink when thirsty and unable to access anything else.


Shakerina, despite being the mascot of a children's burger joint, is quite sour tempered and always seems to be in a bad mood, shoving people away and spending time to herself. Almost anything can offend her and send her into a frenzy. It is mostly unknown what makes her act this way, although it's implied that her silly job and low wages have driven her to act that way.

Something also noted about Shakerina is that she is very mysterious and does not reveal anything beyond her physical appearance and her simple motions described above.  When questioned about her home or her belongings, she doesn't say anything, and acts like the question didn't exist.

She very much dislikes children and will try and get rid of them or secretly kill them.

Relationships with Other Characters


Shakerina hardly sees Fandraxono but seems to actually be okay with his presence, as he's not a child and not a moron. In fact, she wishes that someone like him could be the owner of the business she's part of, as she believes Fandraxono will give her better wages.


Pepsiman is Shakerina's dream crush and she thinks about him an awful lot when she's alone and not being talked to. Every time she catches a glimpse of the Pepsiman, she about faints.



  • The concept of Shakerina was actually formed off of generic fast food chain restaurants, like the Burger King.
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