Sega vs. Konami is a fighting game between two gaming companies, Sega and Konami. The game works similarly to more traditional fighters, like King of Fighters and Street Fighters. It is Locky's entry to the second Lapis Weekly Challenge.


The story takes place in 20 different chapters. The story is currently unnamed, but involves the characters fighting one against each other for an unknown object.


The gameplays like a normal 2D fighting game, two teams with three fighters each fighting against each other. Each character has a set of neutral moves, high, low and normal punches and kickes. Doing a combination of those moves can result on the character using a special move. Each special move has an element attributed to it, which can cause different side effects, example the fire element can cause the opponent to get burned and slowly taking damage. The characters also has a desperation attack, while super powerful, it has a high chance to miss and will make the character become weaker for a short time.

Players can call the other team members to use an assist, both as an offensive assist and a defensive assist. The player can switch between characters and doing this while performing a Grand Finale, can cause the other character to perform their Grand Finale as well, it is a difficult techinique to pull off, but the reward is an absurdly powerful finisher.

The game has several modes, Story puts player in a 20-chapter story, that works similarly to the Mortal Kombat 9 story mode, Arcade, where the player must fight against 9 other fighters along a special boss at the end, Versus, where the player fights against a CPU or a player, Survival, where the player tries to see how many fighters they can defeat until they are defeated, Special Battle is a unique mode, where a slot machine chooses three different modifiers to the battle (ex: Vampire modifier - every succesful attack heals the player).



Character Description
Wreck it ralph sonic render edit by phrozen123-d5i7gml
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sega's current mascot and the fastest thing alive. Sonic's main focus is obviously speed and combos, he is deadly on the ground since he is super fast and hard to attack, but on the air, he is open to be attacked. Sonic's Grand Finale move is the Super Sonic transformation, which gives him super speed and super strength for a short time.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Currently a NPC for the Sonic series, Flicky had his game way before Sonic did. Flicky is an interesting character, Flicky can fly for a long time, but that only leaves him open for attacks, though it can be used to dodge slower attacks. He can summon Chirps, each one of the Chirps can give a Flicky a special ability. Flicky can only hav three Chirps. Flicky also has a random arsenal of different items, that can be either used as an offensive move or for defense.
Alex Kidd EnchantedCastle
Alex Kidd
Alex Kidd
Alex Kidd, Sega's original mascot, is a young boy that has a giant fist and likes to play rock-paper-scissors. Alex Kidd is a powerhouse, with a average speed but powerful attacks. His giant fist makes up for a decent combo starter and he can use a fist "laser" ability as well. He can throw shurikens and ride-up a motorcycle as well.
Altered Beast
Revived by Zeus, this random Centurion has recieved super strength, well, kinda. The Centurion starts off as a normal fist fighter, but sometimes, when he attacks an opponent, a power orb may fly off, powering up Centurion. Getting two of these makes the Centurion super powerful but if he gets a third, he turns into a beast. Those beasts are:
    • Werewolf: The werewolf is fast and has a really useful dash attack. Plus, it also has a spammable weak projectile.
    • Weredragon: The weredragon can fly and it has a close-ranged move where it shoots thunder from all parts of his body, which can act as a pretty useful shield. It can also shoot thunder.
    • Werebear: The werebear can petrify the opponent and has a jump attack where he turns into a ball and attacks the opponent's head, plus pressing the kick button makes it bounces off and attack again.
    • Weretiger: The Weretiger has the same abilities as the Werewolf, but the dash attack now attacks upwards than forwards.
Bonanza Bros.
Bonanza Bros.
The Bonanza Bros are a duo and they are counted as two characters instead of one. They can switch out at any time, but they have the same moveset with slight changes, Robo, the shorter Bonanza Bro, has faster attacks and Mobo, the taller Bonanza Bro, has more powerful attacks. They also share the same life bar. They can use several combination moves along with a pistol that can stun opponents.
Dynamite Headdy
Dynamite Headdy
Dynamite Headdy can shoot it's own head in eight different directions. He can grab opponents torwards him, which is a good way to start combos. He has special heads that can be attached to him, which allows him to vacuum opponents and shoot homing attacks, but those heads are dropped randomly at the stage.


Character Description
Solid Snake
Metal Gear
Solid Snake is a slow fighter but that has a large arsenal at his own. Rifles, pistols, machine guns and etc., Solid Snake focus his abilities to melee combos along his weapons. He also has a lots of projectiles, including arrows, grenades and etc.
Simon Belmont
Simon Belmont is a superhuman being that can kill supernatural creatures with only one attack from his mighty whip. He also can use several different subweapons, such as knifes, which are fast projectiles that deal small damage and crosses that can works like boomerangs. He also can whip somebody in all the eight directions.
Bill Rizer
Bill Rizer is a soldier without fear. Bill is limited to his arsenal of weapons, as he is not experienced with melee attacks or anything related to it. He uses different weapons, including, the Machine Gun, fast and deadly, the Flamethrower, self-explanatory, the Laser Gun, that can be only be fired once per shot. He also uses super bombs as his Grand Finale move.
Vic Viper
This Vic Viper is both familiar and unfamiliar. It is fast, powerful and big, unlike the classic ship, which was slow, not so powerful and tiny. On the other hands, the Vic Viper starts with the equipment and abilities of the original Vic Viper, and gets upgraded as the battle goes on.
Konami Man and Konami Girl
Like the Bonanza Bros, Konami Man and Konami Girl counts as two characters. Konami Man focus on power instead of speed, while Konami Girl is the reverse. Both uses the same moveset, fast melee punches along with some special new moves.

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