First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project


Season's Greetings having a moment

Season's Greetings is a set of two characters that "originate" from the Mysterious Seven Project, and they were added by Exotoro. The concept of the characters is that they are stuck together not out of a friendly bond, but rather because one of them is trying to kill the other.

Season's Greetings consists of two characters who are clinging onto each other out in a fight of their own. One character is the brown monkey thing, who has sharp claws and nails. His claws are sunken into the white beast, who tiredly yawns as he walks around. He's been through a lot of shit, he doesn't need this.

While the creatures seem to be hurting each other, they only get damaged from another player. The monkey beast attacks with his claws and is able to dig deep into a character's body with his claws, and the white beast moves and can bite in a hard way.


  • Standard Special: Beast Claw - The monkey beast attacks with his claws. This attack works even if your opponent is behind you.
  • Side Special: White Palm Fury - The white beast lazily slams his big hands onto the ground.
  • Up Special: Climb - The white beast crawls up a pillar of rock that emerges from the ground, with the monkey beast clinging onto him.
  • Down Special: Double Chomp - The white beast and monkey beast chomp in both directions. The white beast is slower but more powerful, while the monkey beast is faster but weaker.
  • Super Move: The White Herd - A bunch of white beasts roar into the scene and begin attacking opponents.

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