First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Satan is the current owner of hell, although she used to work at a business firm. While she doesn't exactly control hell, she uses both of her jobs to attack such as using hot cocoa and sending out a demon assistance to attack with pie charts.


Satan showed up in the office as someone had previously summoned him. While trying to figure it out, a mailman sells his soul to not work in the mailroom anymore and Satan takes his spot.

Satan was then eaten by a Wolf Ima during a the worldwide release of the wolves of Gunshow, causing the two to fuse. When Jesus cat reversed the world wide wolf release and everyone turned back to normal, Satan and Ima stayed fused.

While getting advice on running hell, the office boss kills himself and takes over hell. After learning hell is debt the boss kills himself again as hell forecloses. Satan pays off the debt and takes hell back.


  • Standard Special: Summon - Summons a demon minion to attack.
  • Side Special: Hot Cocoa - Throws hot cocoa at an opponent.
  • Up Special: Flame Teleport - Teleports similar to Zelda, with flames that can damage an opponent if they get too close.
  • Down Special: Mail Room - Throws letters like a projectile. They have a larger range than Hot Cocoa but they don't do anywhere near as much damage.
  • Super Move: Hatred of Tim Allen - Tim Allen appears, and Satan attacks him. As Tim Allen gets knocked back anyone near the fight will also feel the pure hatred of Tim Allen and get damaged.

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