Current Age 17
Date of Birth March 13th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Unknown
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Height 5'11"
Weight 128 lbs
Sexuality Heterosexual
First Appearance  ??

Salvador is a minor character within the Zaxinian Lifts, being a beggar living on the streets.



Physical Appearance

Salvador is a late teenager with a white body and red pajamas. He has two sanguine colored eyes, wild and untamed black hair, and black gloves, which have red palm pieces that spit fire.


Salvador is a professional drummer and is really talented in the field of music, but it is one of only three classes he had high grades in (followed by math and economics). He uses his drumming skills to try and appeal to people and tries to get money off of it, for he lives in the backstreets.

Salvador is also a user of shadow powers, but can use very little of them as his parents were too stubborn to teach him how they work. At the very most, he can teleport and freeze things in place.


Salvador is rather sour in attitude, but is rather polite and doesn't ever try to act rude at all. By polite, I mean real polite, he doesn't have elbows on the table and always allows people to have chances to say something. Sometimes he does come off as a bit obnoxious though, which distances himself from plenty of people.

Salvador is also a try hard joker and tries to make really good jokes, only to either fail or get little notice for it. I guess no one cares about that.





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