Salindra Halifax
Full Name Salindra Halifax
Current Age 28??? (seems to not age whatsoever)
Date of Birth  ?
Gender Female
Species Presumed Human
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Ethereal Order (formerly)
Main Weapon(s) Omega Blade
Electric Gloves
Acid Wings
Vulnerable To Nothing.
Height 8'7
First Appearance Holding On
Latest Appearance Things Might Explode
Death Herself
The Queen Harbringer
Salindra Halifax is a heartless 'human' that Ambrosia seems to have a grudge with.  Unlike Ambrosia, Salindra seems to have no emotional side whatsoever, solving most things by killing her way through it. Salindra seems to be very flirty, but at most times this is just a trick, as she will kill you so fast that you don't even have time to breathe. Salindra is one of two remaining Knights in the Ethereal Order, as it seems she killed everyone else.


Salindra really truly has no nice side, and she seems to be brutal, aswell as being very descriptive at how she will kill her next victim. She seems to ramble on about death and so forth. She is flirty as all hell, woman or man, she'll flirt with anyone, mostly to kill them or control them essentially.

She is very monotone at points, then being very maniacal when talking about death. She seems to snap her fingers alot, aswell as laugh maniacally, because that's what villains do.


Salindra is a tanned female whose hair is very peculiar, it seems to distort at points and is black and white, being very flickery, aswell as being long enough to touch her knees. Her eyes are a boring grey, with a hint of blue in the middle. Salindra seems to wear very, very revealing outfits, but the one she wears most is two armored plates, one up top that is seemingly shaped like a heart, which only covers what needs to be covered. And below is are rather skimpy really-short shorts. Both of these pieces are a pure black. She wears high heels, but somehow is able to fight perfectly. Hm.

She comes equipped with a massive blade that has a very dull rainbow running through the middle, and it seems she can lift the damn beast with no hassle at all. She has bone-wings that have corrosive acid running through the cracks, aswell as fractured bones floating around it. She often wears black gloves that seem to conduct electricity, giving her both electricity and corrosion.

She has size F breasts.


Holding On

Makes a brief appearance at the end.

Things Might Explode

Mentioned throughout story, appears at the end for awhile.

Timeless Warriors

Salindra is one of the main characters, aswell as the one who stopped time.


  • Salindra is actually inspired by a roleplayer a few years ago that little Cryo stumbled upon, and she was one of the reasons Cryo pursued roleplaying, leading to finding himself at Fantendo.
  • Legends say there was a fourth God, but Salindra killed that God. There is no evidence that this is true.
  • Salindra once blew up a planet, she said it was enjoyable.
  • Salindra aims to be the only villain, and she seems to now target Ambrosia, planning to kill her with a stolen invention she calls Skeletron Prime.
  • Salindra was temporarily the 'Limbo Queen'.

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