First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Ryouga is the main protagonist of the Pokémon manga, Pokémon ReBURST. He is one of the Burst Warriors, that means that it allows him to fuse himself with a Pokémon to form a hybrid. He is an unlockable character, he is unlocked after playing as a Pokémon character 2011 times.

Ryouga has more movesets than anyone else in the game, since it changes depending of which Pokémon he fuses with. The player has no power of choice of which Pokémon he fuses with, it is always randomized.


Generation 1 Pokémon


  • Neutral SpecialVine Whip - Throws a whip made of vine against the opponent. It can stun them for a short time if done at a right time.
  • Side SpecialPoisonPowder - Poisons the opponent making them recieve small damage for a long time.
  • Up SpecialSweet Scent - Makes the enemy misses attacks more often.
  • Down SpecialSolarbeam - Solarbeam takes some time to charge, similar to Samus' charged shot in Super Smash Bros. When it is fully charged, it lauches a powerful beam but leaves Ryouga open to be attacked.
  • Final Attack: Mega Evolutio'n - Fuses with Mega Venusaur. Becomes twice as fast and twice as strong and can allow him to use different moves.
    • NeutralVine Whip + Leech Seed - Grabs the opponent and plants a seed on them, that gives damage to the opponent while healing himself.
    • SideRazor Leaf + Petal Dance - Shoots a lot of different projectiles with Petal Dance and with Razor Leaf shoots two powerful razor-shaped leafs.
    • Up: PoisonPowder + SleepPowder - Throws both powders that can cause the opponent to fall asleep and be poisoned.
    • DownSolarbeam + HyperBeam - Shoots two powerful beams at once. Can only be used once.

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