Palette swap 1
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Deceased
Main Weapon(s) Smoke Gun
First Appearance None

Ryne, also known as "Anti-Athena", is a palette swap of Athena Hawkins coming from an alternative dimension, being the main antagonist of A Leap Through Time. She is the literal opposite of her, being very brave, open to others, and rather happy with how humanity flows, and wishes for bad luck to come to everyone, including Athena's girlfriend Helena Harper.

She was successfully killed by Athena, but her body was collected by Mallory.


A demon, Ryne...actually shares something with Athena - she doesn't have many abilities besides being able to fly. She can, however, use the Smoke Gun just like she can and fire it at opponents to attack them from a distance, but it's loaded with alcohol rather than cigarettes.


Ryne is the very opposite of Athena, being far from anxious and being very brave, not hesitating to do what's on her mind. She is not afraid of anything and comes off as very rude and bitter. Sometimes she acts a bit nice, but this is often to trick others into falling for her traps. She tells many lies and doesn't particularly care if she tells the truth or not.

Relationships with Other Characters



  • Ryne was literally just made as a palette swap.
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