Symbol SSB FantendoSmashBros
Universe Fantendo
Home Stage TBD
Availability TBD
Tier TBD

Syi is a character in Rush◕ver. She hails from the Fantendo universe.

Role in Story Mode



Type Name Description
Standard Attack N/A
Forward Atk. N/A
Up Atk. N/A
Down Atk. N/A
Neutral Aerial N/A
Forward Air N/A
Back Air N/A
Up Air N/A
Down Air N/A
Neutral Special Thorn Root Syi sticks her vines underground, and is able to hold the button as they travel underground. When the button is released, they stick out as thorny brambles. The further the vines go, the stronger and larger they become.
Side Spc. Strangle Vine Syi tosses a vine forward. When it contacts and opponent, Syi will constrict the vines, then bury the victim into the ground. The vine, however, can easily be interrupted with a well-timed attack.
Up Spc. Vine Swing Syi throws a vine upwards like a rope. On the ground, this will simply hurt the victim. However, when used in the air, it can not only tether to ledges, but it can also latch onto an opponent and allow Syi to boost off of them.
Down Spc.
Grab N/A
Pummel N/A
Forward Throw N/A
Back Throw N/A
Up Throw N/A
Down Throw N/A
Skill Ingrain Syi sticks her vines underground and heals while the button is held. If on a soft platform, her vines will stick out like roots and deal very minor damage.
Dash Atk. N/A
Ledge Atk. N/A
Get-up Atk. N/A
Level 1
Lvl. 2
Lvl. 3


Taunts, Win Poses, etc.


  • Up -
  • Left -
  • Right -
  • Down -

Win Theme

Win Poses



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