Rayman is a character in Rush◕ver.

Moveset and Attributes


Rayman is generally a more balanced fighter than not; while he's not perfectly in the middle like Mario, he tends not to reach any extremes.

Being composed of floating limbs, Rayman is lighter than others, making him easy to knock out. However, he boasts notable mobility to make up for this. Not only does he have reliable speed both on the ground and in the air, but he can float, granting him assistance to recovery. Also, Rayman's Moskito Hyper allows him to fly freely, meaning that players can use it to save themselves if they have the chance.

Because his extremities are detached from his body, Rayman also has decent range. This allows him to hassle opponents from a distance, but his normals lose strength the further they travel, most notably his charged Standard Attack; said move can also be reflected. Rayman does have a dedicated projectile in the form of his Blue Punch Special.


Type Name Description
Standard Attack Legendary Combo/Wind-Up Punch By tapping the attack button repeatedly, Rayman will toss out a combo of punches. By holding the button, Rayman will charge up his signature Wind-Up Punch.
Forward Atk.
Up Atk.
Down Atk.
Neutral Aerial
Forward Air
Back Air
Up Air
Down Air
Neutral Special Blue Punch Rayman sends a blue boxing glove flying forward. This move can be charged up to shoot a fiery red glove.
Side Spc.
Up Spc.
Down Spc.
Forward Throw
Back Throw
Up Throw
Down Throw
Skill Murfy Rayman calls upon Murfy and sends him floating in the direction tilted. When Murfy makes contact with an enemy, he tickles them, temporarily disabling them.
Dash Atk.
Ledge Atk.
Get-up Atk.
Level 1
Lvl. 2
Lvl. 3

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