Goku is a fighter in Rush◕ver.



Goku is a heavy hitting character with a lot of range. He can also float. You could even say he's OP like in Dragon Ball Z.


Type Name Description
Standard Attack A couple punches, which can be lead into either a strong punch or many rapid jabs.
Forward Atk.
Up Atk.
Down Atk.
Neutral Aerial While floating, this becomes his Standard Attack.
Forward Air
Back Air
Up Air
Down Air
Neutral Special Kamehameha Goku charges energy in his hands, which grows in size and intensity. When released, it takes the form of a blue beam, which can deal multiple hits. It has four distinct levels, and Goku vocalizes when a level goes up (ka-me-ha-me...ha when realeased).
Side Spc. Ki Blast Goku fires an energy blast from his hand. He can quickly repeat this up to three times.
Up Spc. Instant Transmission Goku warps almost intantly in the direction input. Afterwards, there is an extremely short window where you can follow up with an attack; if the window is missed, Goku goes helpless.
Down Spc.
Forward Throw
Back Throw
Up Throw
Down Throw
Skill Power Charge Goku gradually charges his Power Meter. If hit during this, he loses some power.
Dragon Fist Goku rushes forward, his fist cloaked in a golden, dragon-shaped aura, dealing multiple hits.
Dash Atk.
Ledge Atk.
Get-up Atk.
Level 1 Kaioken Goku charges and enters his kaioken form, signified by a red aura. He then transmissions to the nearest enemy and strikes them away. Goku will repeat this process for a time, but you can redirect which opponent Goku focuses his assault on, in order to dish out as much destruction as possible.
Lvl. 2 Spirit Bomb Goku flies to the top of the screen, then charges a massive energy ball. When fully charged up, he hurls the ball at the ground for massive destruction.
Lvl. 3 Super Saiyan Goku charges up, then enters his Super Saiyan form. If Goku wasn't OP before, he sure is now. While the Power Meter drains, Goku now has boosted stats, upgraded Specials, and a new Skill.

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