Gay Luigi
Gay luigi by meleemovies-d3fixei
Symbol SSB Mario Series
Universe Mario
Home Stage Wood Door Hysteria Hotel
Availability TBD
Tier TBD
Ghost Hunter
Mr. L

Gay Luigi is an unlockable character character in Rush◕ver. He hails from the Mario universe.

Role in Story Mode





Type Name Description
Standard Attack
Forward Atk.
Up Atk.
Down Atk.
Neutral Aerial
Forward Air
Back Air
Up Air
Down Air
Neutral Special Spaghetti Gay Luigi eats some spaghetti, healing himself.
Side Spc. Toaster Gay Luigi pulls out a toaster, which toasts toast fires toast while the button is held.
Up Spc. Vine Block Gay Luigi hops, then a ! Block appears under him with a vine sprouting out. Luigi grabs on while it grows up.
Down Spc. Evil Coin Gay Luig drops an evil coin in front of himself. It sits there for a moment. If a player opproaches it, the coin grows legs and reveal's its face, and attempts to run into the player.
Grab Spaghetti Rope Luigi tosses a spaghetti noodle outwards, acting as a rope. Able to tether recover.
Forward Throw
Back Throw
Up Throw
Down Throw
Skill Enclosed Instruction Book Gay Luigi reads the Enclosed Instruction Book. This grants him temporarily boosted stats.
Dash Atk.
Ledge Atk.
Get-up Atk.
Level 1 Lotsa Spaghetti Gay Luigi eats more spaghetti, healing him a fair amount.
Lvl. 2 Open Door Gay Luigi opens up a door. For a time, enemies will appear out of this door.
Lvl. 3 Get Ready to Catch Her! Fat Mario appears and says, "Get Ready to Catch Her!" The brothers then raise their arms and scramble around the stage, damaging anyone who touches them. Peach will then fall from the top of the screen, and the brothers will jump to catch her. Peach deals strong knockback while falling.

Taunts, Win Poses, etc.


  • Up - Raises his arms and says, "I hope she made lotsa spaghetti."
  • Left - Points forward and says, "You gotta help us!"
  • Right - Looks down into a dark hole, asking, "Did you bring a light?" Mario responds with, "No." If someone collides with the hole, they will get buried and the taunt will end.
  • Down -

Win Theme

Hotel Mario - Stage Clear (Hotel 1)

Win Poses

  • Looks at the screen and waves, saying, "You're the best player ever!"



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