Flowster from Another World
Symbol SSB FantendoSmashBros
Universe Fantendo
Home Stage Macrobeacon
Availability Starting
Tier TBD

Beck is a starting character in Rush◕ver. He hails from the Fantendo universe.

Role in Story Mode


Beck is a floaty fighter, with a focus on combos and mobility.

Near Beck's HUD is his own Flow Meter, segmented into three Bars. His Up and Side Specials, can be chained into each other, without causing helplessness, at the cost of a Bar (his aerial Down Special can also be chained into, though it will not cost anything). Bars are also used in Beck's charged Neutral Special. When charged up, Bars will be consumed to power up the attack, with the amount depending on the charge. The Meter will slowly recharge itself, but Beck can risk taking damage and charge it quicker using his Skill.


Type Name Description
Standard Attack N/A Beck punches, then afterwards can either rapidly punch many times or punch only once, but stronger.
Forward Atk. N/A Beck kicks horizontally, across his body.
Up Atk. N/A Beck quickly uppercuts, slightly rising while doing so.
Down Atk. N/A Beck sweeps around with his leg.
Neutral Aerial N/A Beck performs a sex kick.
Forward Air N/A Beck axe-kicks. Can meteor if sweet-spotted (at the end of his leg, near the middle-end of the animation).
Back Air N/A Beck turns and punches quickly.
Up Air N/A Beck kicks in an arc above himself.
Down Air N/A Beck spins with his legs extended, acting like a drill.
Neutral Special Flow Burst Beck releases a blast of Flow enery around himself. By charging the move, Beck consumes Bars to increase the attack's range and strength.
Side Spc. Flow Dash Beck dashes forward with his fist extended. Once he collides with someone, he stops.
At the end of the move, Beck can expell a Bar in order to chain it into his Up Special, or simply use this move again.
Up Spc. Flow Kick Beck performs a helicopter kick, which deals a few weak hits while raising him upwards.
At the end of the attack, Beck can expell a Bar in order to chain it into his Side Special, or simply use this move again.
Down Spc. Flow Flip When used on the ground, Beck flips himself into the air, with his direction being altered with the stick. By pressing [special] again during the flip, Beck will kick downward onto opponents at a slight angle; pressing [attack] will cancel into an aerial.
When used in the air, Beck will kick downward without flipping.
Grab N/A Beck grabs the opponent.
Pummel N/A Beck knees the opponent.
Forward Throw N/A Beck zaps the victim with a bit of Flow, slightly stunning them. Then, he goes back before rushing into the victim.
Back Throw N/A Beck flips back into the air, while flipping quickly, before suplex-slamming the victim into the ground.
Up Throw N/A First, Beck tosses the victim up a slight distance, then, he hops upward and flip kicks, knocking them away.
Down Throw N/A Beck slams the opponent on the ground and rapidly kicks them in the back while floating.
Skill Flow Charge Beck poses intensly and his Flow Meter is charged by one Bar. Has slight end-lag.
Dash Atk. N/A Beck elbow tackles the opponent. maybe keep goin?
Ledge Atk. N/A Beck flips up from the edge, then lands with an outstretched leg.
Get-up Atk. N/A Beck flips up onto his feet.
Level 1 Finishing Blow Beck rushes forward a fair distance, and delivers an uppercut when he makes contact with a foe. Great for ending combos.
Lvl. 2 Flow Rush

Beck flip kicks. If the kick hits an opponent, Beck performs a flurry of attacks to the opponent.

Lvl. 3 Flowverdrive Beck powers up, surging with Flow energy. For a limited time, Beck's Flow Meter is endless, allowing specials to be chained indefinitely. However, Beck is quicker and lighter, meaning he is harder to control and easier to knock out.


Taunts, Win Poses, etc.


  • Up - Stretches his leg out, then his arms above his head before cracking his fingers, which pulse with Flow when he does so. On the end, Beck says, "I'm ready."
  • Left - 
  • Right - Puts one hand in his pocket, the other behind his head, closes his eyes and lies back in the air.
  • Down -Breakdances using Flow before ending on the classic lying-down pose.

Win Theme

Win Poses

  • Beck rushes forward, then flips kicks, posing when he lands.
  • Beck gives a sort of two-fingered salute before back-flipping off-screen.
  • Beck uses Flow and leans as if he's leaning against a wall.
  • If Beck has defeated Tr'p, he will spin before pointing at the screen, saying, "Nice try."



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