Ruby Racers 2: Xenomonolith is the sequel to Ruby Racers. It is a racer in the style of Mario Kart and introduces several elements such as weapons and a double-dash type mode. A new feature is the ability to go at Monolithic-induced speeds, which can change the course of space and time.


Gameplay is similar to Mario Kart; with characters and cars being seperate slots to select. Characters have their own special power and cars have different weight, speed and handling classes.

Characters influence nothing but powers; it's the car that decides how you play. As well as that, power-ups are not the only way to attack; you use weapons as well that are attached to your car. Each car can also have up to five turbos that can be saved up for bigger turbos; highest stops time while you blast like normal. Once the fifth turbo has been reached, you begin building up Xenomonolith readings, allowing you to pass through time while everyone else begins to go backwards in time, or warp across space.

Single Racer is a basic mode that allows you to drive in a car with one character against every other car.

Double Dash is a mode where two characters can be in the same car and they can drive while another character is out; requiring opponents to take out both characters. Both characters can use different weapons as well, giving double fire power.

Story Mode is the story mode for the game. More information will be posted later.

Cups allow you to race in cups to unlock characters, tracks, and weapons.

Classic strips you of the weapons and gives you a mostly vanilla experience.

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