Some parts of this character aren't confirmed to be canon, specifically regarding the Multiverse Fighters Association stuff. Please do not take this article seriously until it is completed.
Current Age 25
Date of Birth Feb. 29
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Unknown
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Grime Rapier
Vulnerable To Water
Height 6'00
First Appearance Unknown
Voice Actor(s)
James Hetfield (disguised voice)
Unknown (true voice)

Rome is a nomad emerging from unknown lands, being one of several that were part of the "Best Outlaws" gang, although eventually abandoned them in hopes of forming an alliance with the "Multiverse Fighters Association", departing from the Zaxinian Lifts in search of finding allies to take down Mallory and also answers to figuring out what they should truly do in life.  Despite their needs of wanting to form allies, they have a problem with such, being fiercely independent and often refusing commands from others.

Physical Description

Rome is a six foot tall 'brown' human with yellow eyes, a discomforting scowl, and has red war paint on their arms and legs.  They wear several rags of black and dark red clothing that were stitched together in a checkerboard pattern, these rags all connecting together in order to form some sort of poor robes.  The rags often have gaps and holes in them as Rome didn't have enough material to cover their entire body, but the gaps and holes are symmetrical on both sides of them.  Almost always in their right hand is a rusty, crimson-colored rapier. Rome wears a face mask that is very similar to Sheik's, which only shows their eyes and doesn't show their mouth or much of their short, red hair.


Rome is best described as temperamental and theatrical, being a drama queen with various anger issues. Rome is notably fierce, and is one of the most fierce fighters around, showing no mercy in battle and will kill even friends who dare challenge them. They are very tough and are extremely independent, and strongly prefers it if no one worked with them. Even when they have friends, they hardly talk to them, concentrating on their own ego. When they are with no one, they are filling themselves with their own pride, boosting their own confidence, and training to be extremely strong. However, sometimes this heavy pride can conflict with their temperamental problems, and can cause disaster within a minute. Despite being independent, they are willing to team up with others who share the very same goal as they do. It should also be noted that Rome LOVES to make rivalries, and has several across the universe.


This tough person is incredibly skilled with the Grime Rapier, a sandstorm-creating weapon that summons those types of swords when hoisted into the air. The Rapier also makes for a great stabbing tool, Rome being very quick to thrust it forward or slash it around as if a sword, capable of going into counter stances quick with the weapon. Rome also doesn't really fight all that fairly, often flicking sand into the eyes to help ensure their victory, but will fight fairly if strictly told to. It should be noted that Rome usually does poorly against multiple opponents, as they often concentrate on one target at a time and can be easily hit as they always leave themselves open to others. Rome is also fairly good at singing.

Relationships with Other Characters


Rome thinks Thermas is an idiot and shouldn't be leading the Best Outlaws despite his "good natures". While they can put up with his optimism, out of anyone in the gang, they despise him giving them orders the most. Thermas likes Rome, although is worried about them abandoning them to die (even though they have done that plenty already).



  • While the Adventures of White wiki had a character named Rome, this Rome is extremely different, not being a sadist, the same color, having the same personality, or even the same sexuality or gender. They are almost completely different, besides name.
  • Rome usually speaks in a somewhat masculine voice, although this isn't exactly natural of them, they do so to seem intimidating or to scare intruders or creepy people off. They only use their feminine voice when they're around close friends.
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