Robot Invasion: Man vs Machine is Dark's submission to the second Lapis Weekly Challenge. It plays like a traditional fighting game, with two sides ducking it out for the fate of the universe: The Resistance, led by Luigi, and The Machine Empire, led by Ultron.


When a small expedition team, led by Luigi, arrived at a small research lab to investigate the newfound robot technology, they found out that Ultron has taken over all the robots, good and evil, to form his machine empire. Now the heroes have to fight back.

Playable Characters

The Resistance

Character Description
Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D WorldLuigi SSB Mario Series
Mario's sidekick, Luigi led an expedition team to investigate robot technology, but now he finds himself at the forefront of the human resistance, batting the robotic empire. Luigi uses fireballs and the Poltergust to attack.
Lucina official artLucina FESymbol
Chrom's daughter from the future, Lucina travelled back in time to stop Ultron from taking over the world with his army. She attacks mostly with swift sword strikes.
HulkFOL5The Hulk SSB Avengers
Doctor Bruce Banner is the brains of the operation....until he transforms into his super-powered alter-ego, The Hulk. Hulk is slow, but can deliver strong punches and jumps surprisingly high.
150Mewtwo DreamMewtwo SSB Pokémon Series
Although commonly seen on the evil side, Mewtwo joins the Resistance mostly to protect himself. He uses psychic powers as his main way of attacking.
WolverineSpriteWolverine SSB Xmen
A member of the superhero team known as "The X-Men," Wolverine uses his claws to attack, and has a healing factor, being able to take more hits then the other members of his team.

The Machine Empire

Character Description


SSB Avengers
An enemy of the Avengers, Ultron and his army threaten to take over the world. Ultron is fluent in melee attacks and can shoot energy beams, or summon clones of himself to fight for him.

Metal Mario

SSB Mario Series
An evil clone of Mario created by Ultron, Metal Mario is a strong character, who can throw koopa shells or use a go-kart to attack.

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