Reversing Mirror
Reversing Mirror
The Reversing Mirror
Series Xiaolin Showdown symbol
Item Class Holdable
Appearance Ultimate Company Smackdown

The Reversing Mirror is an item in Ultimate Company Smackdown.


The Reversing Mirror was the last Shen Gong Wu revealed in the first season of Xiaolin Showdown. It was able to reverse and negate the abilities of other Shen Gong Wu (e.g. making the Two-Ton Tunic light). It was found in a lighthouse, where Raimundo and Jack had a Xiaolin Showdown over it, where the one who got tagged by the light lost. Raimundo won and used the Reversing Mirror in conjuction with the Serpent's Tail to turn Wuya solid.

The Reversing Mirror can also reverse the powers of things that aren't Shen Gong Wu, as seen when Omi used it to send Dojo's fire breath back at him.


By holding the A button, the user holds up the Reversing Mirror, and can reflect any projectiles with it. The user can walk and jump while holding A, but that is it.


  • The Reversing Mirror is similar to the Franklin Badge in that they both reflect projectiles. However, the Reversing Mirror goes away when knocked away, and not with time, and a button is held to use it.
    • It is also like the Gardevoir Pokeball.

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