Remnant is a 2.5D fighting game heavily based upon the Super Smash Bros. series, while using characters and stages from various other video games and media. The game uses the same engine as Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, and is set for a Q2 2015 Wii U release.

The game's main theme is an English version of Puella Magi Madoka Magica's theme song, "Connect", done by Miku-tan. An instrumental version plays on the title screen, while the English version plays multiple times throughout Story Mode and the credits sequence. Death Note's main theme, "The World", also plays multiple times through the story, while an instrumental version appears on the menus.

According to the Order of the Partial Macrocosm, Remnant starts the events of the Ravaan timeline through unspecified means. It is followed by Checkmate.


The game plays similar to the Super Smash Bros. series: four fighters clash in a 2.5D environment using various unique special moves, items and avoiding stage hazards. Unlike said series, the game uses a "health bar" system, despite having a damage counter in place: the fighter automatically gets KO'd once reaching 250%. In addition, while knockback and health are treated as one and the same in SSB, with the character's knockback increasing alongside their damage, Remnant has them as completely separate, allowing characters to be incredibly sturdy while near 200%. Despite these changes, the game is still relatively the same, with KO's being awarded should a fighter be knocked past the stage's blast line (i.e. edge of the screen), or, as previously mentioned, after accumulating 250%.

Every character also has a Final Move, often called "Final" or "Finale", amassed by dealing 1000% damage or by attacking - and breaking - the Mystical Eye item that will randomly spawn during a match. Rarely, the character who is currently in last place will spawn with their Final ready after being KO'd.

Rush Mode

Bonus Mode

Mix Mode

Versus Mode

Story Mode

It has been confirmed that a story mode will appear in some fashion. In it's confirmation, it was revealed to be about "the characters trying to escape the small pocket of reality they have been trapped in by a god-like figure". It has also been revealed that the story will feature anime-esque cutscenes created by Studio Shaft, and that various non-playable characters will also make appearances. It will be released on a separate disc that comes alongside the multiplayer, and can also be sold separately under the title of "Remnants of the Heavens". Jake, the game's director, has said that a final name for the story mode has yet to be decided, but that it will not be Remnants of the Heavens.


There will be a total of 36 playable characters in the game, with 24 being unlockable.

Default Characters

Homura Akemi
Remnant - Homura Akemi icon
Madoka Magica
Special Moves
Neutral: Magical Diamond
Side: Time Shield Toss
Down: Time Counter
Up: Galactic Wings
Final: Walupurgisnacht
Kyoko Sakura
Remnant - Kyoko Sakura icon
Madoka Magica
Special Moves
Neutral: Chain Whip
Side: Snack Bolt
Down: Double
Up: Chain Tether
Final: Scorpion Sting
Remnant - L icon
Death Note
Special Moves
Neutral: Tennis Slam
Side: Spin Kick
Down: Sombersault
Up: Candy Spring
Final: KO Kick
Remnant - Pit icon
Kid Icarus
Special Moves
Neutral: Palutena's Arrow
Side: Upperdash Arm
Down: Guardian Orbitars
Up: Power of Flight
Final: Three Sacred Treasures
Captain Toad
Remnant - Captain Toad icon
Super Mario
Special Moves
Neutral: Turnip Toss
Side: Minecart
Down: Pickaxe
Up: Biddybud
Final: Volcano Dragon
Remnant - Waluigi icon
Super Mario
Special Moves
Neutral: Bob-Omb
Side: Breaststroke
Down: Tennis Spin
Up: Mysterious Jump
Final: Bob-Omb Rain
Remnant - Midna icon
Legend of Zelda
Special Moves
Neutral: Dark Energy
Side: Twilight Energy
Down: Shadow Counter
Up: Twilight Portal
Final: Fused Shadow
Remnant - Gaia icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Sammy Sun
Side: Supersonic Dash
Down: Fire Starter
Up: Anti-Gravity
Final: Gaiaphage
The Twins
Remnant - The Twins icon
The Cave
Special Moves
Neutral: Light Bulb Pop
Side: Ghost
Down: Poison Soup
Up: Twin Ladder
Final: Twinschief
Edward Richtofen
Remnant - Edward Richtofen icon
Call of Duty
Special Moves
Neutral: Ray Gun
Side: Elemental Staff
Down: Monkey Bomb
Up: Paralyzer
Final: Panzer Soldat
Remnant - Chevre icon
Animal Crossing
Special Moves
Neutral: Fruit Toss
Side: Net Reflection
Down: Shovel
Up: Balloon
Final: Beetle Swarm
Sun Wukong
Remnant - Sun Wukong icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Shotgun Blast
Side: Staff Spin
Down: Parry
Up: Tail Grab
Final: Solar Flare

Unlockable Characters

Remnant - Somari icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Flaming Spin Dash
Side: Flame Dash
Down: Fire Spin Reflector
Up: Springing Jump Punch
Final: Super Finale
Remnant - Peach icon
Kart Fighter
Special Moves
Neutral: Purple Blob
Side: Spin Attack
Down: Block
Up: Hair Swipe
Final: Blob Rain
Amy Rose
Remnant - Amy Rose icon
Sonic the Hedgehog
Special Moves
Neutral: Tornado Hammer
Side: Hammer Spin
Down: Rose Typhoon
Up: Propeller Hammer
Final: Flower Power
Remnant - Dinnerbone icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Place Block
Side: Bow and Arrow
Down: Golden Apple
Up: Creative Mode
Final: Wither
Funky Kong
Remnant - Funky Kong icon
Donkey Kong
Special Moves
Neutral: Pineapple
Side: Surf Slam
Down: Konga Beat
Up: Barrel Cannon
Final: Jumbo Barrel
Foot Soldier
Remnant - Foot Soldier icon
Plants vs. Zombies
Special Moves
Neutral: Z-1 Assault Blaster
Side: ZPG
Down: Zombie Stink Cloud
Up: Rocket Jump
Final: Giga Gargantuar
Princess Daisy
Remnant - Princess Daisy icon
Super Mario
Special Moves
Neutral: Yurarin Boo
Side: Bombshell
Down: Bullet Biff
Up: Chicken
Final: Superball Storm
Remnant - Viridi icon
Kid Icarus
Special Moves
Neutral: Boom Stomper
Side: Bumpety Bomb
Down: Fortune Tell
Up: Astral Projection
Final: Reset Bomb
Remnant - Wes icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Bite
Side: Psybeam
Down: Future Sight
Up: Assurance
Final: Eclipse
Remnant - Scooby-Doo icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Football Charge
Side: Bubble Gum
Down: Knight Armour
Up: Soap Bubbles
Final: Holograms
Remnant - Sable icon
Animal Crossing
Special Moves
Neutral: Leaf Shuriken
Side: Quill Shot
Down: Umbrella Shield
Up: Pattern Climb
Final: Clothnado
Samantha Maxis
Remnant - Samantha Maxis icon
Call of Duty
Special Moves
Neutral: Teddy Bear Toss
Side: Fluffy Summon
Down: Double Points
Up: Teleport
Final: Hellhounds
Remnant - Ryuk icon
Death Note
Special Moves
Neutral: Apple Bombs
Side: Winged Charge
Down: Death Drop
Up: Levitation
Final: Death Note
Donald Duck
Remnant - Donald Duck icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Magical Dove
Side: Spin-Throw
Down: Barrel Roll
Up: Climbing Gear
Final: Huey, Dewie and Louie
Remnant - Lizzie icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Swipe Chomp
Side: Scum Roar
Down: Spin Attack
Up: Jump Slam
Final: Rampage
Remnant - Tex icon
Red vs. Blue
Special Moves
Neutral: Training Pistol
Side: Plasma Grenade
Down: Cloaking Device
Up: Jetpack
Final: Beta
Fred Rechid
Remnant - Fred Rechid icon
Spongebob Squarepants
Special Moves
Neutral: Patty Toss
Side: Reef Blower Slam
Down: Nudibranch Throw
Up: Bubble Hop
Final: Hall Monitor
Lady Sia
Remnant - Lady Sia icon
Lady Sia
Special Moves
Neutral: Energy Ball
Side: Air Magic
Down: Water Magic
Up: Super Jump
Final: Fire Magic
Kid Icarus
Remnant - Kid Icarus icon
Captain N
Special Moves
Neutral: Magical Bowicus
Side: Air Tackleicus
Down: Eggplant Shieldicus
Up: Upward Spinicus
Final: Super Arrowicus
Violet Nightshade
Remnant - Violet Nightshade icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Skull Shot
Side: Thorned Vine
Down: Fortunite Shield
Up: Spooky Ghost
Final: Nightmare Crown
Remnant - Poppy icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Water Hose
Side: Dogwood
Down: Petal Shield
Up: Floral Float
Final: Flower Shop
Mr. Wright
Remnant - Mr. Wright icon
Brawl in the Family
Special Moves
Neutral: Ook Point
Side: Gavel Throw
Down: Banana Peel Toss
Up: Eek Ook
Final: OOK!
Remnant - Chie icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Hatchet Spin
Side: Mystical Orb
Down: Dream World
Up: Cloud Bounce
Final: Doorway
Remnant - Cameron icon
Total Drama
Special Moves
Neutral: Energy Blast
Side: Mech Charge
Down: Energy Redirection
Up: Energy Propulsion
Final: Electromagnetic Pulse

Unlocking Criteria

Character Criteria
Somari Play 500 vs. matches as Peach.
Peach Complete Rush Mode as every Super Mario character.
Amy Rose Complete Rush Mode on Hard difficulty.
Dinnerbone Complete Bonus Mode with every default character.
Funky Kong Complete Mix Mode as Sun Wukong on Hard difficulty.
Foot Soldier Lose 1000 vs. matches.
Princess Daisy Complete Bonus Mode as Peach on Hard difficulty.
Viridi Complete Rush Mode in under 10 minutes as Pit.
Wes Complete Mix Mode on Extreme difficulty.
Scooby-Doo Travel a total of 100,000 miles while in battles.
Sable Complete Bonus Mode on Hard difficulty as 12 characters (one must be Amy Rose).
Samantha Maxis Complete Rush Mode on Hard difficulty as Viridi.
Ryuk Complete Mix Mode on Hard difficulty as Foot Soldier.
Donald Duck Complete Bonus Mode on Extreme difficulty as Funky Kong.
Lizzie Finish a (normal) versus match while enlarged.
Tex Finish both Rush Mode and Bonus Mode on Extreme difficulty as The Twins.
Fred Rechid Accumulate a total of 100,000% in damage.
Lady Sia Complete Mix Mode as Peach.
Kid Icarus Play 500 vs. matches as Pit.
Violet Nightshade Complete Rush Mode as Poppy.
Poppy Play 10,000 vs. matches.
Mr. Wright Complete Mix Mode as Somari.
Chie Complete Rush Mode on Hard difficulty as all other female characters.
Cameron Complete Rush Mode on Hard difficulty as all other male characters.

Downloadable Characters

On July 7, 2014, it was revealed that four characters will be released on September 1, 2014 as downloadable content. They will be sold separately for $1 each and to commemorate the birthday of the game's director.

Remnant - Birdo icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Egg Cannon
Side: Super Egg
Down: Ground Pound
Up: Ribbon Corkscrew
Final: Cluster Yolk
Remnant - Escargoon icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Bazooka Blast
Side: Gordo Spin
Down: Shell Spin
Up: Shell Hop
Final: Nightmare
Remnant - Erasem icon
Special Moves
Neutral: Energy Bubble
Side: Lightning Rod
Down: Electric Shield
Up: Bubble
Final: Amnesia
Remnant - Batman icon
DC Comics
Special Moves
Neutral: Batarang
Side: Batclaw
Down: Freeze Mine
Up: Grappling Hook
Final: Batplane


A total of 32 stages will be available in the game, with 12 being available from the start.

Default Stages

Mystic Manor
Remnant - Mystic Manor icon
El Dorado
Remnant - El Dorado icon
The Road to El Dorado
Smile Dip
Remnant - Smile Dip icon
Gravity Falls
Robirdo's Warehouse
Remnant - Robirdo's Warehouse icon
Super Mario
Lego Batcave
Remnant - Lego Batcave icon
Lego Batman
Remnant - Chrisiseum icon
Total Drama
Drum Dash
Remnant - Drum Dash icon
Angel Land
Remnant - Angel Land icon
Kid Icarus
Dry Dry Desert
Remnant - Dry Dry Desert icon
Super Mario
Majora's Moon
Remnant - Majora's Moon icon
Legend of Zelda
Der Reise
Remnant - Der Reise icon
Call of Duty
Subspace Airship
Remnant - Subspace Airship icon
Super Smash Bros.

Unlockable Stages

Anime Falls
Remnant - Anime Falls icon
Gravity Falls
Remnant - Fantendo icon
Remnant - Subspace icon
Super Smash Bros.
Hong Kong
Remnant - Hong Kong icon
Spongebob's Dream
Remnant - Spongebob's Dream icon
Spongebob Squarepants
Remnant - Dojo icon
Club Penguin
Nether Fortress
Remnant - Nether Fortress icon
Perdido Beach
Remnant - Perdido Beach icon
Remnant - Tetris icon
Remnant - Island icon
Tomodachi Life
Mitakihara Town
Remnant - Mitakihara Town icon
Madoka Magica
Death Star
Remnant - Death Star icon
Star Wars
Remnant - Street icon
Urban Champion
Remnant - Helicarrier icon
Marvel Comics
Garden Center
Remnant - Garden Center icon
Plants vs. Zombies
Twilight Castle
Remnant - Twilight Castle icon
Legend of Zelda
S.S. Libra
Remnant - S.S. Libra icon
Remnant - Headquarters icon
Town Map
Remnant - Town Map icon
Animal Crossing
Remnant - Vale icon

Unlock Criteria

Stage Criteria
Anime Falls Complete Mix Mode as The Twins.
Fantendo Lose on Round 15 of Rush Mode on Easy difficulty as every character.
Subspace Play 50 vs. matches as Pit.
Hong Kong Unlock Lizzie.
Spongebob's Dream Complete Bonus Mode as Fred Rechid.
Dojo Complete Rush Mode as Tex.
Nether Fortress Complete Mix Mode as Dinnerbone.
Perdido Beach Complete Mix Mode, Rush Mode and Bonus Mode as Gaia.
Tetris Jump an accumulated 999,999 times.
Island Play 300 vs. matches as Kid Icarus.
Mitakihara Town Play 500 vs. matches as Homura Akemi.
Death Star Complete Bonus Mode as Viridi.
Street Complete Mix Mode as L.
Helicarrier Complete Rush Mode as Cameron.
Twilight Castle Play 1000 vs. matches as Midna.
S.S. Libra Complete Bonus Mode as Wes.
Headquarters Complete Bonus Mode as Violet Nightshade.
Town Map Get KO'd 50 times as Sable.
Vale Run an accumulated 500,000 miles as Sun Wukong.


Item Series Effect
Scum Soda Rampage Enlarges the fighter who grabs it to twice their size. Makes them slower, though doubles their attack power.
Blue Shell Super Mario After thrown, it will hone into the fighter who is currently in the lead.
Peashooter Plants vs. Zombies Similar to Super Smash Bros.'s Ray Gun, the Peashooter can fire up to 20 large peas. However, they deal very little damage.
Samurai Sword Nazo no Murasame-jō Can be used as a melee weapon. Up to seven small whirlwinds can be thrown with it, which can knock around opponents.
Crissword The Legend of Zelda Can be used as a weak melee weapon. Is able to shoot up to 20 lasers that do no knockback.
Ender Pearl Minecraft Once thrown, the Ender Pearl will teleport the thrower wherever it had landed. If thrown off the stage, nothing will happen.
Magikarp Pokémon Useless item. Causes flinching and does 1% damage.
Dust RWBY A small, white crystal. Once thrown, it will explode and release a cloud of smoke. The explosion deals a random status effect and high knockback, while the cloud deals no flinching and high damage while standing inside it.
Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom Total Drama The Marshamllow of Toxic Loserdom deals an accumulating 1% damage while held, and will stick to any fighter it is thrown at.
Metal Box Super Mario Picking the Metal Box up will turn the characters into a metallic (male)/pink gold (female) variation, which makes them heavier but allows them to do more attacks.
Mini-Moon Legend of Zelda Throwing the Mini-Moon will cause it to fly up into the air. Seconds later, its size will be increased a small amount and will fall down onto the stage.
Prince Beautiful Katamari Throwing the Prince will have him roll about on the ground. Items that spawn will stick to him and be rendered unusable, and he will be able to stick to the sides and bottoms of platforms. Items can also be thrown at him to increase his size.



  • Despite the game's many similarities to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Pit is the only character to appear as playable in both versions. Pit also uses the same moveset in both games, though is slightly faster in Remnant.
    • One can also count Somari, due to his almost identical appearance to Mario. His moveset also combines aspects of both Mario's and Sonic's from their Super Smash Bros. appearances.
    • Additionally, Mr. Wright is the alter ego of Diddy Kong created for the Brawl in the Family comic sub-series "Turnabout Kirby". Diddy Kong is a playable character in both the third and fourth installments of the Super Smash Bros. series, though uses a different moveset based upon the six strip comic series in Remnant.
  • While the game has Wes, the main protagonist of Pokémon Colosseum, on the Character Select screen, he only appears in the background of the battle, with his Umbreon and Espeon being the playable characters in a tag-team style.

Names in other languages

Language Foreign name Translation
Japanese レムナント Remunanto (Remnant)
French Résidu Residue
Spanish Remanentes Remnants
Chinese 碎片 Suìpiàn (Shard)
Latin Spiritus Quidem Pugnantes Fighting Spirit
Dutch Overblijfsel Remnant
Italian Resto Remnant
Greek λπομεινάρι Apomeinári (Remnant)
Russian остаток Ostatok (Remnant)

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