GusherGirl Raspberry
Current Age 19
Date of Birth March 17th
Gender Female
Species Gusher Girl
Location  ???
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Height 5'11"
Weight 50 lbs
Sexuality Homosexual
First Appearance  ???
Raspberry is a supporting character in Fighters Club Extraordinaire. She is a "Gusher Girl" from planet Fruitinar. She is part of the Multiverse Fighters Association along with her sisters Green Apple and Grape.


On Fruitinar, Raspberry was born as part of a pair of triplets. Their names were Raspberry, Green Apple, and Grape. The three grew up on Fruitinar for most of their lives before heading to Lynnhaven. They worked at a grocery store for a year before a robber attempted to rob the grocery store, causing them to activate their fruit based powers


Raspberry is a blue-skinned "Gusher Girl" who is pretty much naked except for a pair of blue panties she wears. Her tits are size E but lack nipples and take the form of a hexagon. An interesting thing to note is that she can lactate albeit the "milk" is actually a syrupy blue liquid that tastes like raspberry. Likewise, once she begins lactating, she actually cannot stop. Once the liquid is entirely gone from her body, her tits fall off and grow back within hours, growing back to their normal size within three days.


Raspberry is fairly sweet but has a taste for destruction and self-pleasure. She is often secretly masturbating and gets a lot of pleasure out of "gushing", which causes her to lactate. She also never cleans up her messes, much to the annoyance of everyone else.


Raspberry can form her limbs into raspberries, which she can then explode off from her body. She can also regenerate her limbs and is seemingly immortal so long as her gelatinous sugar covering is mostly intact. She can excrete a syrupy blue liquid that tastes like raspberries, although such fluid seems to be the result of sexual pleasure.





  • Raspberry is based off Fruit Gushers, a snack created by General Mills.
  • Raspberry masturbates a lot and is hinted to be lonely in her romantic and sexual life. Some of this may stem from the fluids she excretes, which is hard to get out of hair and other places.