Hole in the Sky
Rantaloupe (also known as the Hole in the Sky/Hole in the Ocean) is a parallel dimension to the Mysteriousverse, introduced in the Mysterious Seven Project's story mode entitled "Binary Time". This dimension is home to many different versions of already existing characters.


  • 06 Eggman
  • Master Elise
  • Sea Goddess Palutena
  • Dame Samus
  • President Superman
  • The Mysterious Seven Organization
  • Linkaris
  • Construction Queen Dee Dee



No, not that Seaworld. Sea Goddess Palutena and Dame Samus reside here. During the events of the Mysterious Seven Project, Kim Jung Un briefly took over the palace and imprisoned Palutena and several characters in the story before being defeated by Team Fuckin' America. Seaworld and the Mysterious Five Organization are shown to be good friends in the epilogue and have a portal between the two worlds kept stabilized by Compiling Pills.

C.Q. Dee Dee's Palace

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