Current Age 20
Date of Birth December 2nd
Zodiac Sign All
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Warrior
Zodiez (daughter)
Main Weapon(s) Orangeburst Reflector
Vulnerable To Electricity
Height 7'05"
First Appearance  ???
Rabine is a goo-made girl created by Zodiez to mock the self-made girlfriend creations of Nightshade, created with a fruit-like aesthetic in mind to pan Nightshade's train of thought. After years of mocking Nightshade, Rabine worked to become a member of the Resistance to help fight back against Queen Mallory's rule. In spite of her gooey state, her dry nature allows her to run her shops with ease - and she runs shops in various Zaxinian Lifts titles. She typically rests on the planet of Splatterplot, but tends to make appearances outside of that planet when it comes to main series titles.


Rabine is a mixture of grape-flavored goo and a standard human body's structure, carrying elements of a rabbit's build in her design. She can change her appearance at will thanks to her morphing ability, but she's always recognizable with the two rabbit ears sticking out from her head. Her standard appearance gives her long hair, devilish wings and tail, and a pattern of green spots going up and down her arms and legs. To match up with her grape flavor. Her body is a somewhat transparent purple. She wears a white and green kimono over her body; the material of this kimono is special in the way that it's made from magic that prevents it from being covered by goo, making it always look clean on her.


Similar to Nightshade's "forced" creations, Rabine ultimately doesn't have much of a personality. Much like Zodiez, however, she tends to be rather pessimistic and happy with how things are, and suffers from much humiliation. Trying to fit in with society, she forces herself to sign herself into volunteer work and volunteer jail time just to deflect her bad reputation, but this doesn't work often. She is charismatic, funny and clever, and has a good sense of humor, but it can come off as dry and just straight-up boring to hear to the ears. In spite of her difficulties living in society, she is confident and has something of an ego, but most of the time she's just hanging on by the skin of her teeth.


Ability-wise, Rabine is rather unique when compared to other Zaxinian Lifts residents. She may be made out of goo, but she can move fast by just leaping around the place (her walking is too sluggish) and melt down into a watery substance to slip in and out of really tight or otherwise small places. Because most of her speed lies around leaping in the air, she is a good air combatant, able to stretch her arms out at long distances to punch or crush foes a small distance away from them or tackle them into the ground. She can form anything she needs from her goo, such as mallets, blades and platforms, but their capabilities are limited due to their unstable structure. She can also form appendages to strangle several enemies at once or nab several items or levers at once, but tends to restrict herself to more "human" techniques so that she can fit in with the rest of society.

With her custom-built Orangeburst Reflector (a peeled orange-made gun with a gun poking out from between the orange wedges), she can spurt out its juice to form a reflective shield around herself, which is capable of reflecting and sending back magic. Whenever the gun fires, it'll shoot out seeds in a gattling-gun like manner. If these seeds bash against anyone's forehead, they'll go unconscious, unless they're super sturdy.



  • It is said that she was created in a sewage system; she only told this fact to Nightshade so to prevent him from getting close to her, but this fact had spread and made her rather unwanted to the Lifts' people. Ever since, she had been working desperately to fit in with society.