Current Age 33
Date of Birth Beginning
Zodiac Sign All
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Warrior
Zodiac Arms
Main Weapon(s) A Mace
Vulnerable To Electricity
Nationality American
Height 8'05"
First Appearance  ???

Rabine is definitely an oddity from the rest of the beings in the Zaxinian Lifts. She was created by Zodiez as one of many experiments for new deities, but Fandraxono shook his head "no" at their existence, claiming that such positions didn't need to exist, so each has been demoted, including her, whom was born as the Goddess of Mutation. She tried again and again to get back up to the Lifts' deities, but failed each time, as Fandraxono kept shoving her back down. She is a minor character in the universe.



Rabine is a mixture of grape-flavored goo and rabbit, shaped up to be a humanoid, able to change her appearance at will thanks to her properties, although almost always retains rabbit ears. By default, she has long hair, devilish wings and tail, and a long mace held in her hand, and a pattern of green spots going up and down her arms and legs. To match up with her grape flavor, her body is a somewhat transparent purple. She wears a white and green bikini to prevent herself from looking completely exposed.


Ability wise, Rabine is pretty unique. You may think that someone made from goo would move slow, but she utilizes her dragon wings to help her get around quickly, and can be treated as a slow, yet powerful air fighter, which might be a first. She can form anything out of her goo, and as such, she can form weapons, like mallets and blades, and harm enemies as she pleases. Her ability to grow appendages allows her to strangle enemies and hold them in place while she hits them hard with her attacks, defeating them.


As she is trying to become a deity again, she often comes off as somewhat serious and tries to always have the winning side in her arguments, but when she is doing other things, she comes off as tricky, very clever, and quite seductive. Because of her powerful abilities and her ability to stay alive for long periods of time, she is also very self confident and has a small ego to herself, never coming off as self depreciating.

Relationships with Other Characters


Treating Zodiez like her mother, she has a great amount of respect for her and always tries to get back up to the Lifts to be with her, but keeps being shoved back down by her "father".


Rabine hates and hates and hates her "father", wanting revenge on him for shoving her back down to the earth.



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