Project Parasitus (tentative title) is a fighting game developed by Laughball Interactive for The V² in 2016. Featuring a cast of 22 original characters, Project Parasitus combines elements of genre-defining fighters with light 'life sim' elements.



  • V2Directional/Left Thumbstick - Movement
  • Inner Triggers - Jump
  • Right Thumbstick - Dash
  • V2Action Blue/V2Action Purple - Light attack
  • V2Action Red/V2Action Green - Heavy attack
  • V2Action Blue + Right thumbstick - Neutral Light Special
  • V2Action Blue + V2Directional - Directional Light Special
  • V2Action Red + Right thumbstick - Neutral Heavy Special
  • V2Action Red + V2Directional - Directional Heavy Special
  • Shoulder Buttons - Shield
  • Bottom Triggers - Grab
  • Center Scroll Wheel - Taunt

The main mode of Project Parasitus, fighting draws heavily from Super Smash Bros. and Marvel vs Capcom. Two fighters on a two-dimensional stage fight to deplete the enemy's health bar, building up their special meter by racking up combos. Light attacks, heavy attacks, and light specials require no energy, but heavy specials will drain the special meter. Players can also shield to reduce damage if timed right, grab to throw opponents, and dash for a chance to dodge attacks or escape combos.


In between fights, players can follow the day-to-day lives of fighters, performing minigames to boost their stats and forming bonds between fighters. Due to some more extensive mechanics requiring lengthy explanation, subpages for minigames and relationships are available.


Project Parasitus features no dedicated story mode, the larger story coming together through character interactions in Day-to-Day mode and various cutscenes.


In the year 2043, an asteroid carrying a potent parasitic lifeform crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. The United Nations chose to study this parasite and experiment with its properties. Now, 3 years later, 22 individuals have been given modifications using the parasite, and have been put on a secluded island, ordered to fight so the parasite's true capabilities may be better understood. As the battles escalate, the true nature of this being and those who wish to use its powers shall come to light.




Project Parasitus includes 22 original characters at launch, with DLC packs launching later, featuring both additional originals and guest fighters. DLC characters can be tested for free for 3 matches, but can only be tested once a week per fighter.


Image Info

"The rolling wave of justice is here, bub! TYPHOON DYNAMO!"

A man wearing little more than some swim trunks, a surfboard strapped to his back, and a strange iron helmet he refuses to remove. Typhoon Dynamo is a self-proclaimed superhero, although he is something of a showoff. His use of Parasite-01 is to bulk up his muscle mass, allowing him to perform great feats at the cost of strain on his body.

Neutral - Board Chop: Typhoon Dynamo swings his surfboard in a semi-circle arc above him. High damage, low knockback and range.

Side - 1-2-Dynamic: A three-punch combo ending with an uppercut. It doesn't work if the first punch doesn't hit, so aim carefully.
Up - Hyper Flex!: Typhoon Dynamo flexes his muscles. ...that's it. It breaks any momentum he has, which can be used tactically, and has a chance to stun opponents.
Down - Parasitic Bulk: Typhoon Dynamo bulks up his muscles. This increases attack strength for 20 seconds, but drains health when performed.

Neutral - Scalding Typhoon: An incredibly powerful punch with a huge hitbox. It does recoil damage, but can be charged by holding down V2Action Red.

Side - Iron Volley: Typhoon Dynamo throws a volleyball made of heavy iron. Bad idea for playing actual volleyball, but deals heavy damage, especially if thrown at a closer range.
Up - Reverse Waterfall of Pain: Typhoon Dynamo launches himself into the air, hitting foes with the crest on his helmet. If the input is hit twice, he slams back down, dealing even more damage.

Down - Sand Fortification: Typhoon Dynamo's helmet is... also a bucket for making sandcastles? Sand pours out of his helmet, entombing him in an invulnerable fort. He can't move for about 5 seconds, but also can't take damage. If used with Parasitic Bulk, this move restores health.


"Heh... you have some guts challenging me. Good thing I like guts."

Typhoon Dynamo's older sister, once captain of a fishing boat but now working as a disgruntled seafood chef... as a cover for her plan to hunt and kill the sea monster that ate her left eye. Mandy uses Parasite-01 to enhance her reflexes, and between that and her serrated knives, she's a fast fighter capable of dealing damage fast.

Neutral - Triple Striker.: Mandy stabs three times with her knife; once diagonally up, once diagonally down, and once straight ahead. Holding down V2Action Blue keeps the attack going until she's hit.

Side - Order Up: Mandy tosses a metal plate like a throwing star. High knockback, but doesn't do much real damage.
Up - Full Force Griller: Mandy sets up a grill in front of her. If a fighter walks into it, it deals decent damage, but mostly serves as a way to force opponents into the air.
Down - Extrasensory Sight: Mandy activates her strand of Parasite-01, giving her superhuman reflexes. This removes most ending lag from her specials, allowing her to chain attacks together far faster.

Neutral - Eel's Jaws: Mandy pulls out two knives, slamming them together like 'jaws'. Low range but incredible damage.

Side - Sushi Roll: If an opponent is close enough, Mandy rolls them in a sheet of seaweed and sends them rolling away from her.
Up - Whirlpool Striker: Mandy jumps fairly high, spinning her knives around her. Deals great damage, but leaves Mandy vulnerable when she lands.

Down - Fishing Net: Mandy lays down a fishing net. If a fighter walks into it, it traps them in place and Mandy immediately performs several quick stabs on them.


Pack 1: Crossing of Realms

Released 3 months after launch. Contains 6 guest fighters and their respective stages, costing $14.99.



Name Info
DYNAMO LOUNGE Typhoon Dynamo, not content with the living arrangements provided by government officials, has built an outdoor lounge on the beach; he welcomes anyone who wants to challenge him here. Dynamo Lounge is a primarily flat stage on a wooden deck, where you can see fellow fighters relaxing at the bar in the background. The only additional terrain is a hammock that can be used as a vantage point for aerial attacks.
THE BOARDWALK An old boardwalk where Mandy Dynomolis tends to meditate. This stage is mostly flat, with a ledge on the left side and a walk-off edge on the right. During battle, a massive 3-headed eel appears randomly, smashing the middle of the stage and changing the background from sunny to stormy. The area it smashes regenerates after 45 seconds.


Pack 1: Crossing of Realms

Released 3 months after launch. Contains 6 guest fighters and their respective stages, costing $14.99.


  • This is the first original fighting game by Laughball Interactive, predating Fantendo Smash Bros. Zenith by several months despite the latter being in development longer.

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