Pretty Massive Umbrella is a side project, developed by CryoticYoshi. It is a fighting game, like most Umbrella games. Unlike most of his other games, this doesn't take place in any universes, and is more of just a concealed game, not connected to any universe. It only includes characters that have some relevance to CryoticYoshi's childhood or just things she enjoys now.


The gameplay is very much inspired by both Smash Bros. and Street Fighter, but mainly SMash Bros. It includes a three-stage meter that is filled up from Tier C, to Tier B, to Tier A. Once the meter reaches full capacity, though, a Cerulean Finisher can be enabled, which is usually the strongest attack the player can use. Players can be killed by being knocked off the stage, like Smash Bros.

Two other special attacks can be put into play, aswell. Showoff Attacks, which happen when a specific taunt is used by and/or aimed at a player. Elemental Attacks are able to be used when a fighter gets access to an Elemental Orb, which spawns pretty frequently.


After a universe that is at the middle of all universes is plagued by a curse from an unknown deity, a team of unlikely characters venture into the heart of the storm. Though they weren't ready for what was next.


Team Delta is the first story, following 40 characters going out to fight the main threat. See it here!






Find character movesets here!


Stage Bosses

Story Mode Bosses



  • Thanks to Yveltal for making an awesome Ms. Firball art, I was planning on just using Firball with a bow but Y's is much better.

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