Pokémon Sol and Luna Versions are two games developed for the Nintendo 3DS by Unversed Entertainment. Like it's predessecors, the game has a Pokémon trainer on his/her quest to become the Pokémon champion of the Peruro League while battling a villainous team with their own goals that could destroy the reigon and world as we know it. All Pokémon from previous games can be collected as well as 150 new Pokémon from the reigon of Peruro. The reception was (placeholder).


The player begins their journey in the town of Fahan, and their mother informs them that Professor Ika wants to talk to them. They visit the lab of Ika and she presents the new trainer with three starters, Grass type Rocktile, Fire type Pyrohatch, and Water type Aquakit. After selecting their starter they embark on their quest to collect all 8 badges and be the best like no one ever was.



Map of Peruro




New Pokémon

Peruro League




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