Pilot is the pilot episode of I'm Going To Hell For This. It was written by series creator Exotoro.

The episode introduces the two main characters Louie and Sydney. In "Pilot", Louie falls down a couple of stairs, landing on Sydney, a succubus that soon becomes enamored with him and decides to figure out where he lives, with Louie deciding to try and misdirect her as much as possible, but slowly coming to terms that eventually he needs to get home.


The pilot begins with Louie walking down the stairs in a mall, before he trips and falls down. As he gets up, he catches the attention of Sydney, who he crashed into as he fell down the stairs. As he takes the subway home, he begins to notice that the woman he fell into is following him.

Louie begins to change his direction home, heading to various random routes, but Sydney only seems to be more and more focused on following him. As he exits the subway on the fifth stop, he heads to get a hotdog and begins to run, ignoring cars and people as he does. As he stops to catch his breath, he notices that she is still following him.

As Louie reads his watch and notices that it says 12:01, he realizes that it is futile, as the woman still follows him. As he groans in defeated, he takes the subway to his actual apartment and opens the door and quickly locks it.

He laughs as he eases away from the door, but then bumps into the woman. Louie then realizes her horns, and Sydney explains what she is. Although Louie attempts to get her out, Sydney's powers of selective visibility and teleportation makes her impossible to get rid of. Louie groans as he rolls out the bed from the couch for her to sleep in, and heads to his own bed. The episode closes with Louie closing his eyes in exhaustion, while Sydney does the same.

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