Valerie is one of the default characters of Pillow Fighters. Valerie is a unique person, being a thief, a businesswoman, and all that...and also a childish pillow fighter. Valerie is very greedy, always seeking out riches, and high payments. Despite the fact that those make her sound dumb, Valerie has an awful lot of power and has incredible fighting skills.

Basic Attacks

Valerie uses projectiles and her pillow as most of her attacks, although she can also do a powerful kick with her foot. She is a good distancing character.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Valerie shoves her foot forward for a very powerful attack, doing incredible amounts of damage. It is slow to execute, however.
  • Side: Valerie swings around with her pillow, tossing it as soon as she's done spinning.
  • Up: Valerie does a "screw attack" upward, damaging opponents who are in her way.
  • Down: Valerie flashes her body, paralyzing opponents in front of her.

Her Pillow

Valerie's pillow is pink with many orange shapes on it that know. There are many red hearts on the pillow, too.

Tier Ranking



  • Valerie is the only character who is capable of tossing their pillow.

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