Syi is one of the first eight characters you have access to in Pillow Fighters. Appearing in her "butt" swimwear, this scarecrow is here to have a good time after all the negatives she spent her life had done to her. A master of using vines and analyzing people's emotions, Syi is a fearsome opponent that scares anyone's socks.

Basic Attacks

Syi usually fights with her pillow, as she doesn't have many other attacks. She also uses vines like Crymsia, but they're rather thorny and damage more.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Syi tosses forward a rope to grab opponents and slam them into the ground.
  • Side: Syi fires a green projectile forward, full of solar energy.
  • Up: Syi fires vines upwards to grab a ledge or grab opponents in general.
  • Down: Syi holds herself in a countering stance and waits for foes to hit her. Those who do will have some of their health stolen.

Her Pillow

Syi's pillow is red and brown and has a mugshot of Hene's face on it.

Tier Ranking



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