Syande is one of the various players of Pillow Fighters, and is a default one to play as. Syande is a vampire whom is shockingly the sister of General Scotch, but she means no harm for the most part and is very playful. She's not very smart due to a lack of education but she fights really, really well.

Basic Attacks

Syande's attacks almost always use her pillow, but she can playfully bite the opponent, making them flinch. Her ability to fly and smash into people is useful.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Syande holds out a cannon and prepares to fire a red energy beam from it. The red beam deals moderate damage.
  • Side: Syande suddenly ascends with her wings and swings into the enemy, bouncing off of them, gaining air mobility.
  • Up: Syande ascends up with her wings.
  • Down: Syande grabs an opponent and bites them hard.

Her Pillow

Syande's pillow is red and is dripping bits of blood from it.

Tier Ranking



  • Syande is the lightest character in the game.

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