Oshelia is one of the default eight characters playable in Pillow Fighters. Oshelia is a "marine girl" capable of using water attacks and healing herself, and playing defensive strategies. She is huge friends with most people and is really adorable, but don't underestimate her skills because of that...Oshelia doesn't have to fight fair with you.

Basic Attacks

Unlike a majority of the game's playable characters, Oshelia doesn't use her pillow much. She uses steaming water and cold water instead.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Oshelia stands still and charges hot water in her hands, then bursts it to her sides.
  • Side: Oshelia spins around, spilling water everywhere.
  • Up: Oshelia turns into a seagull and flies upward before turning back to normal.
  • Down: Oshelia holds herself in place, and begins slowly healing the damage she's taken.

Her Pillow

Oshelia's pillow is blue with a sardine embedded on the top of it. There's a few hearts, too.

Tier Ranking



  • No trivia as of yet!

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