Needles is one of the unlockable fighters of Pillow Fighters, and is a very speedy powerhouse who originally was out helping Oshelia seek out a possible future as well as for her parents. She's the daughter of Valerie, but came from the future, similarly to Charmine. Needles is quite hairy, but these hairs are for her advantage: she can curl up like a porcupine to scare away others.

Basic Attacks

Needles attacks using spiky hairs and her pillow, obviously, and can also roll into a ball and hit opponents for massive damage.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Needles spins in place, then goes forward in the form of a ball.
  • Side: Needles tosses five needles forward, damaging opponents from a long distance.
  • Up: Needles spins up in the air, then launches herself forward.
  • Down: Needles forms up her porcupine shape - and has a very laggy get up.

How to Unlock

Needles is unlocked by completing Classic on Very Hard.

Her Pillow

Needles' pillow is dark green and has a lot of spikes sticking out from it. Apparently it's hard to lift around, as there's a brick in it.

Tier Ranking



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