Hene is one of the unlockable characters of Pillow Fighters, and is a scarecrow in the same vein as Syi. She is Syi's girlfriend and travels with her practically everywhere, even into the areas that would risk her life. She is attempting to learn medicine and healing, as well as ways to fight off diseases, wanting to become a super successful nurse.

Basic Attacks

Hene attacks with mainly her pillow, but also utilizes sunlight to attack her enemies and burn them.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Hene charges up sunlight in her hands, then thrusts it forward.
  • Side: Hene leaps forward, grabs someone, then beats them in the head.
  • Up: Hene uses her pigtails to bounce herself upward.
  • Down: Hene uses a vine to counter an attack, returning it for 1.3x.

How to Unlock

Hene is unlocked by playing as Syi ten times.

Her Pillow

Hene's pillow is bright red with a green flower embedded in the center.

Tier Ranking



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