FDX83 is one of the four unlockable characters of Pillow Fighters, and she prefers to be called Samantha over her robotic name. A companion of Pierce Hazel who was meant to protect him, she went berserk and caused mass destruction, although was returned back to normal after her initial programming was reactivated. Now she's kinda...empty.

Basic Attacks

FDX83 attacks using her long arms and legs, and her stretchy appendages. Her pillow is also used, although rarely.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: FDX launches a rocket from her mouth.
  • Side: FDX bursts up in the air, dropping a small bomb.
  • Up: FDX uses her legs to bounce high in the air.
  • Down: FDX forms an electric shield, cancelling projectile attacks.

How to Unlock

FDX83 is unlocked by clearing Adventure mode without losing a life.

Her Pillow

FDX83's pillow has pictures of Pierce Hazel on it as well as of Clair and Devina, her friends. The pillow is grey and dodger blue.

Tier Ranking



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