Clair is a psychic from the world of Hisplit, being a traveling buddy of Pierce Hazel's, using her psychic abilities to lift things and put them out of the way, or out of their misery. She's usually acting serious, but under that tough layer is a playful and sneaky personality, which is a relief, for fully serious people don't do pillow fights.

Basic Attacks

Clair attacks mainly with psychic attacks that are meant to hold projectiles and toss them back, and also uses her pillow to attack from a long distance.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Clair stays in place and holds her hands forward, reflecting projectiles that try to hit her.
  • Side: Clair teleports a small distance to avoid attacks, and to kick opponents who appear behind her.
  • Up: Clair teleports upward, then kicks down.
  • Down: Clair forms a psychic shield, absorbing projectiles that go into the shield, healing her.

Her Pillow

Clair's pillow is golden with a cyan ridge around it, having no real images.

Tier Ranking



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