Charmine is one of the default characters of Pillow Fighters, and is a wielder of darkness powers and evil intents, being the corrupted son of Scotch and Oshelia. She came from the future, now an adult. There is no doubt that Charmine is insane and full of incredible powers, and enjoys the sight of death, breathing only to see life end.

Basic Attacks

Charmine attacks with mainly the tomes she learned magic from, but can use her pillow to fire projectiles.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Charmine holds her pillow and charges a burst of dark energy. Upon firing it forward, the blast grabs opponents, then strangles them heavily.
  • Side: Charmine tosses forward fire, damaging opponents and holding them in place.
  • Up: Charmine uses a burst of wind to go upward, the wind messing opponents' movements who get caught in it.
  • Down: Charmine summons Ghasja, who is used as a shield to block attacks and send them away.

Her Pillow

Charmine's pillow is black and has many stars and moons on it. It also has a black hole in the center, where some attacks are fired from.

Tier Ranking



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