Pillow Fighters is a sadly canon event happening between the multiple universes connected in the Zaxinian Lifts, being a girls' slumber party where everyone fights each other with pillows. Noted for its somewhat mature (although kinda light) content, the game has been rated M - like with Sweet Invader. It has been developed by Team Ninja and TimeStrike for a late 2018 release on the V² system.


Gameplay is pretty much a simpler clone of Super Smash Bros, with of course, different elements to differentiate itself from that game.  Pillow Fighters removes a lot of the very complex mechanics with Super Smash Bros. and tries to go for a more memorable, easier to pick up playstyle.


  • There are no stages (besides in Adventure mode) with bottomless pits or out of stage boundaries.
  • There are still ledges that you can grab, but you are not invincible when you grab the ledges nor can you really edgeguard.
  • All normal moves and special moves still exist, but there is no such thing as a final smash.
  • Items are way more scarce, yet more powerful to pick up.
  • There are no replacements for assist trophies.
  • Bosses are still in the game, but they have health bars now.
  • You can still roll and shield, but you can no longer "dodge".  Additionally, when you roll, you can still take damage from attacks.  Shields only last for a second, meant to block instant attacks.


In Pillow Fighters' survival mode, players have health bars, like in many fighting games, and your goal is to deplete your opponent's by attacking them. Once one's health bar is fully drained, they cannot fight any longer.

In score mode, you're on a time limit, and there are no health bars. Instead, you try to hit one another and score the most amount of damage possible. The one who has wreaked the most havoc in the match is the victor.

In adventure mode, you and opponents have health bars once more, but your objective is to make it as far into the level as possible. Enemies on the stages can attack you and you can die instantly by falling into an abyss. When everyone dies, the dead person who has gone the longest distance is the winner.


There are a total of twelve fighters appearing in the game. Of them, eight are default, four are unlockable to play as. Each character has a much different playstyle, following the fact that this game has a severe lack of characters to play around with.




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