A prayer from the core of the hyperspace shook my heart, and challenged me to fight the opposition. It is a fight that I shall prevail over!
Full Name Phoenixea Heartgold
Current Age 19
Date of Birth October 15th
Gender Female
Species Human
Main Weapon(s) Pyro Staff
Voice Actor(s)

Phoenixea is a fire elemental demigoddess from the Zaxinian Lifts, effectively being the Fire Master. She is a headstrong character debuting in Split Personality as a goddess-in-training, traveling alongside Pierce Hazel to see if her powers are worthy enough to join with the deities above. She is known for her ability to transform into a phoenix, hence her name.




Phoenixea is of the fire elemental, and as such is able to use fire at her own will. She can utilize her fire powers to move at exceptional speeds, and blur past mere mortal eyes in the blink of an eye. She is also capable of flight, able to soar at rather high heights. This is all balanced out by her plethora of weaknesses, although surprisingly water is not one of them - she turns it into steam.

Phoenixea can also transform into a phoenix and fly around, utilizing more powerful flames and the ability to truly fly, although loses her usually solid defense.


Phoenixea is calm and rather silent, speaking rather rarely, besides in times of crisis, where she tends to talk a lot and in a strict manner to show her mannerism as a leader. When in danger, she'll screech loudly to request help.  However, when her emotions are fully exposed, she'll cease any form of her warrior inspired personality, and she'll appear friendly and joyous, although the former is more likely as when her feelings are revealed she's more than likely miserable and upset.

Relationships with Other Characters

Pierce Hazel




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