As a boss.

First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Peter Cipher is one of the many demons in Bill's Dimension. Although he appears initially as a enemy, he soon becomes a friend for the Mysterious Five Organization as they attempt to take down Bill. He looks similar to Bill, but he appears light green and has a halo. He attacks using green fire, which will poison you. He also creates demonic angels to attack as well.


Peter Cipher, unlike Bill Cipher, is a serious, rude and direct-to-the-point character. He often alludes to being a human in the past, and Bill Cipher having to do with his transformation to a demon. It is due to this that he doesn't like to associate with others and he lives a lonely existence. However, he still retains pride for his name and won't let himself die under any circumstances.



As a playable character

As a character, Peter Cipher uses a lot of attacks from his boss fight appearance. He is similar to Bill Cipher in a few ways, but overall has slower speed but greater power.

Standard Special: Green Flame - Peter shoots a green flame projectile, which travel for a good distance before vanishing. If it hits a opponent, they will be cursed with poison.

Side Special: Call of the Halo - Peter sends out a demonic angel to attack near him.

Up Special: Teleport - Peter teleports up onto the stage. This doesn’t work when he’s underneath the stage or too far from the stage. Peter generally has a smaller radius than Bill, but his teleportation works much faster.

Down Special: Green Wall - Peter sends up a green flaming wall that blocks attacks and damages anyone near the attack.

Super Move: Sorrow - Peter grabs his halo and looks into it, causing a bunch of sad ghosts to attack everyone.

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