Penelope Hart is a main playable character in Through the Rabbit Hole. The second hero, who joins the team in the Card Maze, Penelope is a bit bossy and emotional, but never gives up on her friends and her quest. Her power is to float over gaps using her umbrella. Penelope is the only one of the four heroes who can heal the team and has an attack that pierces defense, making her very useful in later parts of the game.

Abilities and Stats

Name Cost Description Weapons
Smash(Default) 0 WP Penelope smacks the foe, doing 8, then 16, then 32 damage.
  • Umbrella: Default
  • Gavel(4 Weapon Points): Does 1.5 the damage.
  • Wand(2 Weapon Points): Occasionally heals the player when used.
  • Frying Pan(2 Weapon Points): Does double damage to Ice enemies.
  • Gold Trophy(1 Weapon Point): Occasionally earns extra coins after the battle.
In the Cards(Default) 3 WP Gives the party a random positive status effect.
  • In the Cards: Default.
  • Diamond Card(5 Weapon Points): Always increases defense by 4.
  • Spade Card(2 Weapon Points): Always increases attack by 8.
  • Club Card(1 Weapon Point): Does a random status effect and raises the likeleness of Wonderful Hits for the next turn.
  • Joker Card(3 Weapon Points): Rather than giving the party a random positive effect, she gives the enemy a negative status effect.
Mystify(Unlocked at Level 25) 4 WP Blows a kiss to all enemies, leaving them dazed.
  • Mystify: Default.
  • Entrance(4 Weapon Points): Leaves foes dazed for two turns.
  • Poisonous Infatuation(2 Weapon Points): Also poisons the foe when used.
  • Un-Dying Love(2 Weapon Points): Makes the next attack after the daze do half the damage for the enemy.
  • Mystify Charge(3 Weapon Points): Also doubles the party's attack for the attack after the daze.
Magic of Hearts(Unlocked at Level 50) 4 WP Heals one character by 300 HP.
  • Magic of Hearts: Default.
  • Magic of Souls(1 Weapon Point): When used, also cures status effects.
  • Healing Magic(4 Weapon Points): Heals one character by 600 HP.
  • Shared Hearts(2 Weapon Points): Heals both party member by 150 HP.
  • Magic of Love and Hate(2 Weapon Points): Also does 8 damage to the enemy when used.
Heart Drain(Unlocked at Level 75) 3 WP Drains 1/8 of the enemy's HP and restores it to herself.
  • Heart Drain: Default.
  • Power Drain(3 Weapon Points): Also drains 5 attack from the foe for the next turn and gives it to Penelope for the next turn.
  • Boost Drain(2 Weapon Points): Drains any positive status effects the enemy has and gives it to herself.
  • Drain Share(2 Weapon Points): Drains 1/16 of the foe's HP and restores it to both party members.
  • Ultra Drain(4 Weapon Points): Drains 1/6 of the enemy's HP and gives it to herself.
Card Throw(Unlocked at Level 100) 5 WP Does 48 damage and pierces defense to one foe.
  • Card Throw: Default
  • Spiked Card(3 Weapon Points): Does not pierce defense, but does 64 damage.
  • Flaming Card(2 Weapon Points): Sets the foe on fire when used.
  • Flimsy Card(2 Weapon Points): Half the time it will pierce defense and do 64 damage, but half the time it will do nothing.
  • Golden Card(1 Weapon Point): Earns extra coins after the battle as well.

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