The Partial Macrocosm (also known as the Zodiacverse), is a set on timelines that make up the universe of the Zodiac series. Created by the death of Ganon and the destruction of the Triforce, the Partial Macrocosm takes place on a separate Earth where the history had changed and the evolution of the planet was altered in that the continents - and as such, the countries - do not resemble their position in the Alpha Macrocosm. It runs parallel to the Creation of New Earth.

Ravaan Timeline:

Unspecified time span
Four year time span
Bar Code


This is a list of all the playable characters within the games taking place in the Ravaan Timeline, with darkened background meaning an unlockable character.

Character Remnant Checkmate Bar Code
8 Man X X Check
Adventurer X X Check
Akari Hayama X Check Check
Amy Rose Check X X
Ashley Riot X X Check
Aya Brea X Check Check
Banjo and Kazooie X Check Check
Batman Check1 X X
Beat X X Check
Big Nose X X2 Check
Birdo Check1 X X
Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus X X X2
Bubsy X X2 X
Cameron Check X X
Captain Toad Check X X
Chevre Check X X
Chie Check X X
Crash Bandicoot X X2 X
Cyprien X X Check
Darius X X Check
Dinnerbone Check X X
Donald Duck Check X X
Duck Dodgers X2 X X
Earthworm Jim X X2 X
Edward Richtofen Check X X
Erasem Check1 X X
Escargoon Check1 X X
Eva Zimmer X2 X X
Foot Soldier Check X X
Fred Rechid Check X X
Funky Kong Check X X
Gaia Check X X
Homura Akemi Check X X
Ikachan X X Check
Karte X X Check
Katniss Everdeen X2 X X
Kid Icarus Check X X
Kyoko Sakura Check X X
L Check X X
Lady Sia Check X X
Link X X2 X
Lizzie Check X X
Mappy X Check Check
Marathon X Check Check
Mario X X2 X
Master of Magic X Check Check
Midna Check X X
Momo X X Check
Mr. Wright Check X X
NiGHTS X Check Check
Peach Check X X
Pit Check X X
Poppy Check X X
Princess Daisy Check X X
Quarterback X Check Check
Riou X Check Check
Ristar X Check Check
Roofus X X X2
Ryuk Check X X
Sable Check X X
Samantha Maxis Check X X
Scooby-Doo Check X X
Scorpion X X2 Check
Somari Check X X
Sonic the Hedgehog X X2 X
Soos X2 X X
Sun Wukong Check X X
Tex Check X X
The Twins Check X X
Throttle X X Check
Timber the Tiger X Check Check
Tingle X X Check
Violet Nightshade Check X X
Viridi Check X X
Virtua Racer X X Check
Waluigi Check X X
Wes Check X X
Worm X Check Check

1 - The character is downloadable.
2 - The character was scrapped.

Zodiax Timeline:

The Zodiax Timeline is where the games of the Zodiac Series take place. The Timeline split from the Ravaan timeline after an as-of-now unspecified event.

Zodiac Ace
Zodiac Champions
Zodiac Guardians (Simultaneous with Zodiac Champions)
Zodiac Warriors


This is a list of all the playable characters within the games taking place in the Zodiax Timeline, with darkened background meaning an unlockable character.

Character Ace Champions Guardians Warriors
Agitha X X X Check
Akihiko Sanada X X X5 X
Alex X5 X X X
Alpha Check Check X Check
Asuna X X X5 Check
AZ Check Check X Check
Baby Mario X X X Check
Banjo and Kazooie X X Check Check
Batman Check Check X X
Blake Belladonna X Check X Check
Birdo X X X X5
Bowser Check Check X X
Brownman X X Check Check
Captain Syrup X X X Check
Cat Peach X X Check Check
CD-i Link X X X Check
CD-i Mario X X X Check
Chiaki Nanami X X Check X
Chie Satonaka Check Check X Check
Corvo Attano Check Check X Check
Cosmic Spirit Check Check X X
Dakota4 X X Check Check
Diddy Kong X X X Check
Dixie Kong X X X Check
Domo X Check X X
Donald Duck X X Check Check
Donkey Kong X X Check Check
Draglet X X X Check
Dr. Mario Check Check X X
Drongo X X X Check
Duck Hunt X X Check Check
Edward Richtofen Check Check X X
Elisa X X Check Check
Elizabeth X X X Check
Era4 X X X Check
Esther X X X X5
Face McShooty X X Check X
Fawful X X X Check
Fighter Kirby X X X Check
Fire Peach Check Check X X
Flamegirl X Check X Check
Fred X Check X X
Freddy Fazbear X X X Check
Garfield Check Check X X
Genoside Jill Check Check X Check
Giga Bowser X X Check Check
Glitch Check Check X X
GoGo Tomago X Check X X
Gumball Check Check X Check
Grog Check Check X X
Gundham Tanaka Check Check X Check
Happy Happyist X Check X Check
Hilda X Check X Check
Homura Akemi X X Check Check
Honey Lemon X Check X X
Honey the Cat X Check X Check
Humba Wumba X X X Check
Ice Climbers Check Check X Check
Ichigo Kurosaki X X5 X X
Imaginary Gary X X X Check
Inkling X X X X5
Inori Aizawa X Check X Check
Jet Kirby X X X Check
Jigglypuff X X Check Check
Jin Kariya Check Check X Check
Jyru4 X X X Check
Katniss Everdeen Check Check X Check
Kenji Setou X X Check X
King Harkinian X X X Check
Kirbopher X Check X Check
Kirito Check Check X Check
Koopalings X X Check Check
Kraid X Check X Check
L Check Check X X
Labrys X X Check Check
LEGO Batman X X X Check
LEGO Stormtrooper X X X Check
Link Check Check X Check
Linkelle X X Check Check
Little Mac X X X Check
Lord Helix X Check X Check
Lucas X X X X5
Luigi Check Check X Check
Lynne X X X Check
Mack X X Check X
Marceline Check Check X X
Mario Check Check Check3 X
Matt X X Check Check
mcgamer X Check X Check
McQueen Mario Check Check X X
Menchie X X Check Check
Meta Knight X X Check Check
Midna X Check X X
Mighty Hercules X X Check Check
Miita Knight Check Check X X
Mite X X X Check
Miyu and Fay X X Check Check
Mona X X X Check
Monomi X X X Check
Morshu Check Check X X
Mr. Game & Watch Check Check X Check
Mumbo Jumbo X X X Check
Muru Muru X X X Check
Nanako Nishizaki Check Check X Check
Natsu Dragneel X X X Check
Noble Six X X Check Check
Oliver X X X X5
Onigiri X X Check Check
Onnanoko X X Check Check
OrangeYoda12 Check Check X X
Palutena X X Check Check
PeanutButterGamer X Check X Check
Pianta X X X Check
PIKA X Check X Check
Pikachu X Check X X
Pit X X Check Check
Platinum Toad4 Check Check X X
Player X X X Check
Polar Bear X X X Check
Pom X X X Check
Poppin' Fresh Check Check X X
Princess Elise the Third X Check X Check
Quentin Trembley X X X Check
Renji Abarai X X X Check
Ribbot Check Check X Check
Ridley X Check X Check
Rin Tezuka X X Check Check
Root Bear Check Check X Check
Ru and Phi4 X X Check Check
Ruby Rose X Check X Check
Ryan Haywood Check Check X X
Sackboy X X X Check
Sayaka Maizono Check Check X X
Scooby-Doo X X Check Check
Sebulba X X Check X
Shrek X X X Check
Sky X X Check X
SPARTAN-458 X X X Check
Sorastitch Check Check X X
Squirtle Check Check X Check
Swaine X X X X5
Tanooki Mario X X X5 X
The Challenger X Check X Check
Tiki Punch X X Check X
Todd Snap X X Check X
Treevil X X Check X
Uryu Ishida X X5 X X
Viridi X Check X Check
Walukirby Check Check X X
Wario X X Check Check
Weiss Schnee X Check X Check
Wii Fit Trainer X X X Check
Wosu X X Check Check
Yang Xiao Long X Check X Check
Yoruichi Shihōin X X5 X X
Yoshi X Check X Check
Yosuke Hanamura X Check X Check
Young Link X X Check Check
Zelda Check Check X Check

3 - Mario appears in Guardians as his 8-Bit form.
4 - An original character.
5 - This character was scrapped.

Comeuppance Timeline

The Comeuppance Timeline is where Owartta and it's sequels/remake take place. The Timeline split from the Ravaan and Zodiax timelines after an as-of-now unspecified event.

Owartta / Obsidian Warlords


This is a list of all the playable characters within the games taking place in the Comeuppance Timeline, with darkened background meaning an unlockable character.

Character Owartta OW
Aaroniero Arruruerie X Check
Ace Trainer Shannon X Check
Aussie Kangaroo X Check
Badtz-Maru Check Check
Balthazar Horowitz Check Check
Bob the Killer Goldfish Check Check
Boey X Check
Burnie X Check
CASTRO Check Check
Chef Mario & Yoshi Check Check
Condiment King Check Check
Crow Check Check
Dark Palutena X Check
Dino & Martin X Check
Dogwelder Check Check
Dondochakka Birstanne X Check
Dracula X Check
Dusk Taker X Check
Exclamation Warriors X Check
Fin Shepard Check Check
Frost Five X Check
Grog Check Check
Heat Miser X Check
Hello Kitty Check Check
Hiyori Sarugaki X Check
Hubba and Bubba Check Check
"Jake" Check Check
Janitor Caleb Check Check
Jerkboy X Check
Jimmie Johnson Check Check
Junko Enoshima X Check
Killer Puck Check Check
Kohta Hirano X Check
Kris Kringle X Check
Lamp Check Check
Larry Laffer X Check
Lazlo Check Check
Lilly Satou X Check
Lord Helix Check Check
Madoka Titus Check Check
Maeko X Check
Masahiro Sakurai Check Check
Matt Lally Check Check
Medium Rebecca X Check
Mighty Hercules Check Check
Mod-Souls Check Check
Mukuro Ikusaba X Check
Mur Mur Check Check
Onnanoko Check Check
Onigiri Check Check
Oops Check Check
Peach Check Check
Phillie Phanatic X Check
Piston Hondo Check Check
Ratigan Check Check
Reese X Check
Rei X Check
Roblox Guy X Check
Rocket Robin Hood Check Check
Rolling Turtle X Check
Ruben Roach X Check
Ryoko Otonashi X Check
Scratch Check Check
Semi-transparent Luigi X Check
Sheep Creep Check Check
Shiver Murg X Check
Snit Check Check
Snow Miser X Check
Spinni Check Check
Stanford Tree Check Check
Steely McBeam X Check
Sumi, Quatchi, Miga and MukMuk Check Check
Takashi Komuro X Check
Sir Topham Hatt Check Check
Mr. Tick Tock X Check
Tiki Punch Check Check
Tilda Check Check
Tin Star Check Check
Wenlock and Mandeville Check Check
Wilfred the Wizard X Check
Winter Warlock X Check
Xiame X Check
Youngster Joey Check Check
Yuno Gasai Check Check
Zan Check Check
Zubora and Gabora Check Check


These games do not take place canonically in a timeline, though may make reference to events that occurred in them. They are considered spin-off titles.

Zodiac Rush
Zodiac Nausikaa

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