Paper Mario: Legend of the Rainbow Moon is a 2014 platformer and RPG game developed by Unversed Entertainment for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U in place of Intelligent Systems. The game returns to the classic Paper Mario formula but introduces the concept of Time Travel as a gimmick. The game begins with Mario being invited to a festival celebrating the mysterious celestial object known as the Rainbow Moon reaching it's lowest place in the sky located in the Kiwi Kingdom. However, a cult known as the Moon People attempt to steal it. Mario intervenes as it is broken, sending parts flying across the kingdom as they kidnap it's princess, Princess Amanita. However, she drops one of two pendants she owned, the Sun Pendant. Mario takes it and gains a time traveling ability as he searches for Amanita and the Rainbow Moon while battling new foes. The game is unique in that only Mario returns from the classic crew.


The gameplay is very similar to The Thousand Year Door. Players jump around 3D environments using partner's abilities to solve puzzles, and in battle executing action commands to defeat foes in a theatrical setting. Intermissions have been removed. Certain sections of the game are also 2D now, in the style of Super Paper Mario, but still with turn-based battles. The new element is time-travelling, which allows the players to travel from morning to noon to night to solve puzzles. The later in the day, the more enemies.


Ahem, today I'm going to tell you the story of the Rainbow Moon.

Once upon a time there were 7 demons, representing the colors of the world.

However, they caused much havoc, and the heroes of the land teamed up to seal them away in 7 stones.

When put together, they turned into a crescent shape stone that acsended to the depths of space.

Always orbiting around the Mushroom World, waiting to be released to the land, stopping on the Kiwi Kingdom.

To meet the true eigth demon to release them and wreak havoc forever more...

And soon, the Rainbow Moon will be released.

And again, the world's heroes must unite...

To give a brighter future to the lands of the future...

Prologue: The Festival of the Rainbow Moon




Tattle Log




Items & Badges




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