Current Age 31
Date of Birth February 29th
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Species Shadow
Location Unknown
Align Chaotic Evil
Current Status Alive
Class Warrior
Family and Relations
Mallory (cousin)
Main Weapon(s) Leecher Claws
Vulnerable To Fire
Ethnicity French
Height 5'10"
Weight 90 lbs
First Appearance  ???
Voice Actor(s)

Pandora is an absolutely wicked member of the Shadow Clan, being a nutter having escaped far from home. Pandora is known for her insanity, her thirst for killing, and her totally anti-social ways, never really meeting up with anyone unless she's gonna kill them. She's the very evil, perhaps even more twisted cousin of Mallory, although doesn't hold much power and relies on people to actually be around her.


Pandora is fairly tall, and is very menacing with the large amounts of blood dripping from her savage claws. She always has a wicked grin, wide open eyes, and white hair always in a mess, the white contrasting with her black skin. She appears almost nude, having a long white rag around her size-D breasts and another white one covering her private parts. Her retractable claws are red and very sharp, and reach down to the ground when her hands are next to her waist. When her claws are retracted, she often holds a blue tome in her right hand. All over Pandora's arms and legs are red tattoos resembling hearts and crosses.

On Pandora's head is a sapphire gem, glowing with immense power.


Pandora is very fast, running at insane speeds to pressure her opponents, and often tries to appear in front of them or hit them in the back, and usually aims for the face or private areas with her claws. Her agility is surpassed by her flexibility, which she possesses a lot of - she can bend her neck almost 180 degrees and and bend her head back to touch the back of her knees.


Pandora is mentally insane and needs a lot of help, for she kills people just for fun and eats up those she kills, and those she doesn't kill, attempts to seduce into having sex with. When things don't go her way, she stamps her feet in impatience and tries to achieve her ways by force. If someone fails her, she attacks them and perhaps even kills them without question, leaving them to die.


Pandora wears only rags as she dislikes clothes, but will be happy to wear things like jewelry because she has a thing for gems and pretty things. She often eats meat, and quite often human meat and wild animal meat, but will take what she can get.

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